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Annette Noyes Head Shot 2The High Priestess represents, among other things, knowledge that doesn’t come through language. Her main representation is that of intuition—she’s the queen of the subconscious and your gut instincts. Add to that the concepts of preparation, study, and being receptive and we’ve got our advice for the month.tarot high priestess

What does this mean practically speaking? I think there’s some kind of negotiation coming up. It could be for a new job, with your kids for more privileges, you asking for a raise, strategizing with your team, or anything that requires you to work with another person towards a goal. The High Priestess is telling you to “listen” with your guts and your eyes, not just your ears. Understand what’s NOT being said. Watch for nervousness, darting eyes, fiddling with pens, frowns, flashing teeth in fake smiles, or any of the little physical “tells” that people unconsciously make when they’re not being 100% forthcoming.

When there’s not 100% openness, that means something is being held back in reserve or there are hidden motives or truths. I don’t feel this less-than-perfect-honesty is malicious…it’s more like savvy negotiating and this could influence things one way or another. Therefore, when you go in knowing this, you’ll watch others more carefully, feel the energy of the room, and gather all the information that isn’t conveyed in words. Sometimes what ISN”T said is waaaaay more valuable than what is.


Happy February!

Annette Noyes

The Emerald Box Turtle

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