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Annette Noyes Head Shot 2November 2018

This card is often called the "wish" card and is considered to be exceptionally fortuitous. Creativity abounds and the energies are stable for manifesting dreams. Just be careful of complacency or resting on your laurels as things go your way. Making your wishes come true still takes work.


Nine of CupsThe above mentioned fortune is lovely, but the more important aspect of this card is the gratifying emotional happiness indicated here. Once you take full responsibility for and control of your happiness, the sky is the limit! You can choose to be happy living in your car or in a mansion. You can choose to be happy dining on mac-n-cheese or caviar. When you become the master of your joy, then it becomes very easy to share that joy in random acts of kindness. And guess what? With every act of kindness, you feel more joy!

Big love to you all!
Annette Noyes
The Emerald Box Turtle

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