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Annette Noyes - The Emerald Box TurtleWhen the Devil is reversed, it indicates recovery from addictions or bad habits, saying no to temptations, or beginning a path of redemption and enlightenment. This is amazing news and I wish every one of you the very best of luck on your path! May you move forward with ease and your burdens practically step aside to allow you to pass!TheDevilCardReversed

Uh-huh…. You know those people who finally are able to quit smoking and then become completely insufferable about smoking and anyone who does? Substitute smoking for going on the Keto Diet, becoming a vegetarian or going totally vegan, giving up all forms of social media, consuming only free-range eggs, etc., etc. and those people are just as obnoxious about their super “woke” habits as those who recently quit smoking. 

It’s VERY easy to become arrogant and holier-than-thou when you’ve turned over a new leaf. Suddenly everything is seen in extremes…black/white, good/evil…there’s absolutely no wiggle room left for being human. “Did you see Martha chowing down on that ice cream cone? Ha! She who is vegan/gluten free/keto!!! Fell off HER throne, now didn’t she!!!” Yeah, and YOU took three drags on that vape pen in the car. 

Whatever you’re trying to do to become a better person in your own eyes, good on ya. Just do it on yer own mat and shaddap about Martha.


Happy August everyone!

Annette Noyes

The Emerald Box Turtle

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