Who Booked This Trip?! ~ with Rev. Rachel Hollander

$5.00 each

We often hear people say that, “Life’s an adventure”, and talk about "the journey", that life is like a path we are walking. I don't know about you, but I have to say that, sometimes, I wonder who the heck my travel agent is that booked me on THIS particular adventure!

Let's meet and talk, listen, and share about life's journey through the lens of culture, spirituality, and reflection.  We'll use a few cultural touchstones as metaphors such as "The Wizard of Oz".Rachel Hollander

Pack some snacks, don't forget the water, and wear comfy shoes (not really! We'll be sitting, mostly)!

It's time to look at this journey we call life!

Rev Rachel Hollander is an interfaith/interspiritual minister. Born and raised in Cleveland, she has recently returned to her hometown after 13 years in Anchorage, where she led the Spiritstone Spiritual Center. Rachel is also a singer/songwriter and ASL interpreter. She is currently completing her Masters degree in Theological and Pastoral Studies at Ursuline.  Find out more on her website.