With guided support, you will have the opportunity to determine your true Life Goals and work toward them. You will discover more of who you are from soul-searching sessions and learn basic skills that will help you listen and speak mindfully so that you, and those with whom you live and work, are both heard and understood.

In addition to guided support, as needed, we will also incorporate energy work, meditation and relaxation plus art therapy into the sessions, giving you the opportunity for further examination and growth.

Ask yourself:

  • • Do I have the kind of relationships I really want?
    • Do I lack the confidence I need to succeed?
    • Is my past holding me back?
    • Am I dealing with present life changes or challenges?
    • Am I searching for direction into my bright future?
    • Am I my own worst enemy?

I will work with you to help you determine what is most important to you in your life. Together we will design a list of goals that are believable and achievable for you. Through such tools as journaling, visioning, relaxation and meditation, you will be able to understand and reintegrate parts of yourself that may have been wounded during any past traumas. Then we will create your personal roadmap for attaining the future and relationships you want.

During coaching, as in any relationship, you will get from our time together exactly what you put into it. My role is to teach you success skills and tools. Your role is to be open to possibilities and try them on for size. From this relationship, you will receive an opportunity that can ignite your self-esteem, motivate your personal best efforts, and carry you to your desired goals.

Self-awareness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The spiritual and healing practices of relaxation and meditation will give you the building blocks necessary to discover your inner wisdom and the truth of who you are.


Sessions are one-hour, your first session may be slightly longer

1-session = $75

Coaching Packages:
Block A (4-sessions) = $280
Block B (6-sessions) = $425
Block C (8-sessions) = $525

A portion of the session fee is donated to Great Conjunction Spiritual Center

 Call 330-328-2308 to Schedule - Payment due when booking.


Rev. Joe Thornton, RMT, PRMT is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Practitioner and Intuitive Life Coach

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