• Great Conjunction Springtime Psychic Fair in Boardman

    Great Conjunction Springtime Psychic Fair in Boardman


    Saturday March 21st, 2020 ~ 10-7 pm & Sunday March 22nd ~ 10-5 pm~ $5 Admission
    Holiday Inn Boardman, 7410 South Ave., Boardman, OH 44512
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  • Insightful Tarot Readings from The Emerald Box Turtle

    With a strong background in the arts, science, and writing, Annette Noyes approaches her Tarot cards with not only her inner sight but also practicality andAnnette Noyes Head Shot 2 common sense. She has been providing perceptive information to clients for a number of years, and once the cards are presented to her in a spread, she uses a compilation of resources to gain understanding into the message being offered.

    Annette’s collection of vintage and modern cards allows those who ask for an in-person reading to choose a deck that resonates with his or her personal light. In addition to choosing a deck, clients are encouraged to choose their own cards for their reading.

    It is Ms. Noyes’ belief and experience that when a person is seeking the wisdom of the Tarot, not only should they choose a deck that speaks to them, they should also tap into their own energies to choose the cards that will best deliver the message meant only for them.

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  • Messages From Spirit with Psychic Polly

    Polly NewA Clairvoyant since birth, Polly comes by her qualifications naturally. Her individual consultations are refreshingly realistic and unconventional in their format. People continually benefit from her unique talents.

    Through her warm response and profound visionary insight, Polly presents information that can inspire and enrich the lives of many.

    She has been reading for over 45-years and has appeared on radio and television.  Polly has also assisted police on two murder investigations.

    During readings, Polly acts as a medium for you and your loved ones and can give you messages or information that they have for you. She can help you with business discisions, love and money decisions and can also pick up on past lives.

    You can also pick up a copy of Polly's book titled "Our Loved Ones Are Around Us".

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  • Messages from Transitions Healing Center

    FeliciaFelicia Weinstein, founder or Transitions Healing Center is an Intuitive and Law of Attraction Life Coach, Empath, Psychic medium, energy healer and Reiki master/teacher with over 20 years of experience.

    Felicia will be offering Psychic/Medium readings and Soul Clearing.  Additionally, she'll have crystal jewelry, inspirational jewelry and hand-painted meditation stones.

    Felicia is honored to use her gifts and training to guide, assist and empower her clients to maneuver gracefully along their life paths. She also offers intuitive and past life readings and passes along messages from her clients' Spirit Guides and Angels, offering clarity, peace and direction.

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  • Psychic Medium Chris Marie Returns to Boardman

    PsycChris Marie Kinesthic Medium Chris Marie has been seeing Spirit since she was a child and has been studying the metaphysical since 1990. Once she began attending developmental classes, she began developing her psychic abilities as well as her natural abilities in healing.  

    Chris Marie uses oracle cards to connect to Spirit and assist her clients in connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, providing guidance in areas such as relationships, employment and embracing your own unique path.

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  • Readings with Psychic & Medical Intuitive Rev. John Michael Thornton

    Have you had a reading with John yet? If not, this is a golden opportunity. If you have, now is the time for another potentially life-altering reading as JohnJohnThornton assists you down your path.

    Exploring past, present and future, and looking over all aspects of your life. Readings begin with an overview of spiritual and physical health ~ whatever information Spirit is considering most important right now. Following that, we can focus on relationships, career or whatever is concerning you.

    An incredible and accurate psychic, John is also an amazing Medical Intuitive who's been working as a professional psychic for over twenty-years.

    Be sure to book your readings early before this schedule fills up!

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