by Tamera Crosby


Happy New Year to One and All! May your new year bring blessings in all forms to fulfill your goals and dreams!


480px GarnetCrystalUSGOVGARNET--Garnet is sometimes called ‘the poor man’s Ruby’. It does come in several colors with varying additional properties but, overall, it is said to help release all types of fears; works with issues one may have with masculine or dominant people in ones life, either now or in the past; works in the root Chakra (when it is the red garnet) bringing in more grounding and energy. Red Garnets also attract and inspire romantic love, positive thoughts, inspiration, energy, past life recall, and self confidence. Garnet is also considered to be a ‘stone of health’, aiding with the extraction of negative energies from the chakras and transmuting that negativity into a positive force.


Quartz 193816QUARTZ--Quartz is one of the basic elements combined into many other crystals and stones. It is said to enhance the crystalline properties of blood, body and mind. It is also said to help activate and enhance pineal and pituitary glands; aid with emotional balancing; stimulate brain functions; and amplify thought forms. Its full spectrum of energy helps activate all levels of consciousness. It will also help to dispel negative energy in ones energy field and in the surrounding environment. It receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy. It is an excellent crystal for meditation; enhances interdimensional communication and communication with ones Higher Self an Spirit Guides. It is an all-purpose crystal and may be programmed for any positive intent. 


Tigers eye egg shape fit 127x96TIGER’S EYE--Tiger’s Eye is a variety of Chalcedony (quartz) which is said to be beneficial for the spleen, pancreas, digestive organs and colon. It is also said to be an emotional balancer, enhances the connection with personal power and will. It is grounding, centering, helps soften stubbornness, enhances clear perception and insight. It has a masculine energy and also comes in several colors, from the traditional brown/gold (the yellow is sometimes called Cat’s Eye but there is a stone which is strictly a Cat’s Eye and tends to be more grayish) to blue (called Hawk’s Eye) and red (which I have dubbed Dragon’s Eye.) Tiger’s Eye has a chatoyancy which is because of the fibrous textures within the stone and makes it ‘wink’ when shifted in the light. The Tiger’s Eye is also considered a Prosperity stone, particularly when combined with Aventurine and Pyrite. Carry this combination in your incoming pocket to aid with increased luck and cash flow. 


rubyRUBY--Ruby is the red variety of corundum, the second hardest natural mineral known to mankind. People interested in metaphysics and crystal healing say that ruby is known as the "star of fire", and is useful in assisting the earth in receiving the full spectrum of light necessary for enlightenment. Ruby crystals can also aid in purifying and correcting trapper energy which leads to atrophy. It helps refine the will as a love based force It is an excellent stone for re-birthing and for releasing blockages along the spiritual path. Rubies promote dreaming and stimulate transmission of information from ones spiritual guides. Legend has it that the Ruby would help detect poison or danger by changing colors, usually darkening, which is why it was on of the favorite stones of royalty and was often seen set into goblets as well as predominant jewelry for the elite. Rubies are also one of the few stones which exhibit the capacity of being a Record Keeper by having a raised or indented triangular configuration on one of its sides or faces, (usually only found in the raw, unpolished state). The Record Keeper configuration may also look like a square or a rectangle, though it is not as common. Record keepers are crystals within which wisdom is stored. When one properly attunes to this crystal, ancient knowledge and secrets of the universe may be psychically retrieved. One needs an open mind and a pure heart to access the information via attunement of the consciousness with the inner energies of the crystal. When a person is properly attuned to a Record Keeper, the knowledge of the Universe is available. Record Keeper crystals, either as a Ruby or a Quartz, may have been programmed by the beings that created the energies which have culminated life on this planet and may have been left by the Atlantians and the Lemurians. 


Big turquoise from Cananea cropped fit 141x100TURQUOISE--Turquoise is said to help tone and strengthen the entire body; tissue regeneration; circulation; lungs; respiratory system; aid in vitalizing the bloo0d asnd the nervous system. It also is said to aid with meditation; creative expression; peace of mind; emotional balance; communication by working with the throat Chakra; friendship; and loyalty. It is a special stone to those of Native American descent and enhances luck to those who are drawn to this stone. It is a softer stone and is often stabilized. It is also one of the stones which gets imitated by dying Howlite to the turquoise color.


Lapis lazuli block fit 75x133

LAPIS LAZULI--Lapis Lazuli is one of the stones prominently mentioned in the Edgar Cayce readings. It is said to help strengthen the skeletal system; activate the thyroid gland; release tension and anxiety; energize the throat Chakra; augment strength, vitality & virility; facilitate opening of the Chakras (especially the Third Eye and throat); aids with mental clarity and insights. It is also an excellent stone to help open and enhance ones psychic abilities as well as communication with ones Higher Self and Spirit Guides. It will also aid with creative expression. This is also a stone which is recommended to help ward off ‘psychic vampires’ and helps one to avoid absorbing all of the ‘gunk and junk’ from others in a group or public setting.



Topaz 178650 fit 133x103TOPAZ--Topaz comes in many colors, both naturally and artificially enhanced either by heat or radiation. It is said to aid with tissue regeneration; strengthen the thyroid gland; enhance the metabolism and help balance the emotions. It is a crystal with cooling and soothing effects, aiding with bringing about peace and tranquility. It is said to enhance creativity; self-expression; psychic perceptions; and communication with ones Higher Self and Spirit Guides.



Jasper.pebble.600pix copyJASPER--Traditional protective stone, especially the red Jasper. There are a large number of types of Jasper...too many to go into in this article. Most Jaspers seem to work with the lower three Chakra points which are those of survival, energy, grounding and protection. Some will also work with the Heart but the Heart chakra is the bridge between the Earth/Physical Chakra points and the Spiritual Chakra points so that is to be expected. 




Zircon t09zirc 02bHYACINTH (JACINTH OR ZIRCON)-- Zircon is considered to be a ‘stone of virtue’, helping bring ones virtuous nature back into balance with the universe. It works with the energies of the first, third and fourth chakras, raising them to a higher level of intensity. It aids with the recognition that we are all part of ‘All That Is' and aids with our evolutionary growth spiral in this human realm. It is also said to symbolize innocence, purity, and constancy.



Tamera Crosby is in incredibly talented artist and gem and stone expert.  She appears regularly at Great Conjunction Expos and can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Currently we have six lovely little birds (often referred to as “The Girls,” “Our Ladies,” and “The Tiny Dinosaurs”), all rescues in one way or another. We do not live on a farm, but in a modest city home in Youngstown – you don’t need that much room to have a few birds of your own, just a bit of planning.

IMG 0284

While living in a small apartment in NYC, I decided I wanted chickens. At the time, chickens were absolutely not an option, but I was dreaming of a house with a garden and a yard and chickens scampering about. So I started reading about chickens, checking out urban farming blogs, and signing up for poultry newsletters. When I moved back to Ohio chickens were on the list, but it took a few years to build a coop and get ready to make the leap.

IMG 0278Our first four hens were rescued from a commercial laying facility. They were friendly red hens that laid brown eggs and could run like the dickens on the rare occasions they escaped. Sadly, rescued layers have a short lifespan and last year we were on the lookout for a few new girls. We ended up adopting four Araucana (a breed of chicken that lays light blue eggs) from a couple out in the country whose flock had been attacked by foxes. They weren’t willing to build a shelter strong enough to protect their remaining girls and we were happy to have them!

These new girls are more feisty than our first flock and will mob you if they think you have treats. “Back, back Tiny Dinosaurs!” I yell as I bring food and water to the coop (a handful of oatmeal tossed in the corner helps clear the way and keeps them from pecking at my shoes).

Recently we added two more chickens to the coup and our newest Ladies came to us in an odd way. Our friend Melanie phoned saying, “A flock of chickens just moved into our yard. Do you want them?” While her street is quiet and residential, she lives just a few blocks from a shopping mall and a very busy part of town. Needless to say, this was very odd. We ended up catching and bringing home two of these strays and we are introducing them to our flock. They are very mellow, red hens – much like our first girls.

BlueEggsAs we look at what we want Great Conjunction Spiritual Center to become and evolve into, we know that there will always be room for a few chickens. These thrifty and charming Ladies bring a life and vibrancy to our little urban “farm” that I didn’t even know was missing.

Make sure you meet our Tiny Dinosaurs some day and enjoy the special energy they share!

Great Conjunction has just moved to new servers on the AWS platform.  This change will support a greater number of web offerings, speed and content.  If you notice any problems with pages not loading correctly or other errors, please contact us and let us know!

Great Conjunction has a lot more to offer you over the coming months and years, we are thrilled that this new upgrade will make this easier!

IMG 1495Growing up I was extremely lucky to attend an amazing number of lectures and workshops. My parents took me with them to workshops and lectures across the country. We attended past life regressions, healing services, channeled messages and more lectures on Edgar Cayce than you could imagine. I was exposed to amazing messages and brilliant ideas; and I wish I could say that every single one was transformative to my young mind. Sadly no.

Many were too boring, or weird or over my young head to entertain even the most precocious pre-teen. I had no idea how much was making its way into my head (probably by osmosis) as I stared into space. What I gained though was an understanding of how big and amazing the world is and how much there is to learn and explore. For many of my peers, the world was small and understandable, they could talk confidently about what they were going to be when they grew up and firmly (often loudly) repeated their parents’ opinions on religion, politics, and sports. I may not have understood Lemuria, but I did understand that the world was bigger than I could comprehend.

As I got older more and more of these lectures and workshops started to make sense to me and I began to understand the thirst of knowledge that had convinced my parents to sit on uncomfortable chairs in stuffy rooms to learn about ancient Egypt, Mayan prophecies, Atlantis, divination, miracles and a myriad of other topics that ranged from thrilling to bone dry – each topic someone’s passion or life’s work.

When Joe and I set about creating Great Conjunction we knew we wanted it to be a place where people could share their passions and ideas. A place where learning and expanding horizons was the cornerstone of our work. That is why we are so very proud of our lecture series and how it has grown. All those talks and lectures opened my mind to an amazing universe of thought. Join us and see what new ideas and passions can take root and flourish in your soul.

We have some amazing events and programs to share with you in the coming months.
See you soon,
John Michael Thornton, Co-Founder of Great Conjunction Spiritual Center

otterman07cut 01We would like to take a moment to remember Robert (Bob) J. Otterman. He was a dedicated teacher, public servant and statesman who's dedication to helping make this a better, more progressive state was an inspiration. A number of local newspapers wrote lovely tributes to him, but the one on Ohio.comis special because they show a picture of Bob with his wife Barbara (Joe's aunt).
Thank you for all your hard work, you will be missed.

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