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four of pentaclesThe Four of Pentacles indicates stability and security for this coming month. Coupled with your integrity and idealism, you're able to build a solid foundation upon which to stand and from which to run your life on the material plane. Being careful and orderly, management of material resources will be wonderfully efficient--you'll be getting big bangs for your bucks.

The caveat with this card is that it teeters on the brink of Scrooge-y-ness. One is tempted to pinch pennies even harder to get an even better result in managing your resources. But the problem with that is you then create a guided cage around yourself and retain too much karmic energy. There must be equal give and take to remain balanced.

So, instead on focussing on the use at all of resources, focus on the proper use. Be generous to others with less because charity is indeed a "proper" use of your resources. And as you give to those with less, you'll find a deeper appreciation of and respect for the bounty within...your intangible abundances.

Have a good month and keep warm!
Annette Noyes
The Emerald Box Turtle

Joe 1968It’s that time again when people are asked to, “Be my Valentine”.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that makes this is the perfect time of year to ask a question that I spent many years pondering. “Where is Love”?

The first time I heard that question came at an important time in my life. I was quite you and it was 1968. I was a four-year old boy, my parents had divorced and my three elder sisters lived with our mother while I lived with my father. For some odd reason no one completely understands, my mother and my sisters disappeared from my life entirely.

My stepmother took me to see the new movie “Oliver!”, a musical version of Charles Dicken’s “Oliver Twist”, about an orphaned boy who was abused and only wanted to be loved. In the film, Oliver sings a song called “Where Is Love?”. It really resonated with me.

At that time in my life I felt completely rejected and unwanted. I had no idea where my mother and sisters were and I was lonely, scared and confused, just like the orphan Oliver in the movie. So when he asked, “Where is love”, I really understood him. And I wanted that answer, too.

I thought Love was somehow bound to my mother and, because she was absent from my life, I had no love. I was, therefore, unlovable. No one did or could love me.

It’s funny how children think about things.

Years later, once I had grown up, I began to realize that love didn’t come from just one source and I had, in fact, always been surrounded by love. My father loved me to pieces and my stepmother as well. I also had grandparents who loved me. I just felt too much of a whole inside to experience it. Like Oliver, I kept wondering where is love?

Gratefully I have come to realize that love comes from all sorts of sources. It comes to us from friends, family, lovers, devoted pets and from the Universe as a whole. I have many friends who love me as well as do my dogs and cats, my aunts, sisters, in-laws, my father and especially my amazing husband. And I feel that love every day and I revel in it.

Most importantly, love must come from inside us.

RuPaulLove is not something that is only to be received; that is selfish and empty and meaningless. Love is something that it must be given to others and it must be given openly, freely and wholly. We all must open your hearts and give of it freely and constantly. Only then does love have meaning, have balance and have value.

But we cannot just give love to others. We must love ourselves first and foremost. The entertainer RuPaul has a quote that I love: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the (heck) you gonna love somebody else?’

Now I’m happy to say, I know where love is. It’s here.

So this year, don’t ask someone else to be your Valentine, be your own. Love yourself. Once you can do that, the love will flow freely and you will be surrounded with love.


Joe Thornton

Great Conjunction Co-Founder

December got off to a wonderful start with the Great Conjunction Holiday Gifts and Treasures psychic fair in Fairlawn, OH.  We had a wonderful group of readers and vendors share their gifts and products. We also had some big winners with our 50/50 raffle and silent auction.

Our final event of 2018 was a Vigil of Hope and Prosperity, an evening of guided meditation, positive energy, Reiki and healing prayer, Tuesday, December 11th

As always, the last Friday of the month we shared Reiki and guided meditation with the residents of Community Commons Retirement Community.

Great Conjunction will be taking two months off from our regular events but we will return with a full scheduled in March. See you then!

Annette Noyes Head Shot 2The reversed Five of Cups offers a very hopeful outlook for the coming year as you experience recovery from losses. Resistance and disappointments are transformed into something better. Some hard decisions have been (or will be made) and this will allow for difficulty to be overcome. Emotional stability, coping skills, determination, and fortitude lift you out of the muddy mire of victimhood. No more wallowing for you!

five of cups reversedThis card also represents changes in your lifestyle that are more aligned with your True Self. By leaving behind the "woe is me" mentality, you'll be able to get on with the business of being joyful--as we're all meant to be. And in your more joyful state, you'll be more naturally charitable, forgiving, and kind to others and yourself. This will allow for rifts to be healed and hatchets to be buried.

Best wishes for the coming New Year,
Annette Noyes
The Emerald Box Turtle

JoeThorntonLet us be among of the first to wish you a very, very Happy New Year!

We’re all beginning a new year full of new opportunities and adventures. But before we do, let’s take a brief look back at 2018.

For Great Conjunction it was an exciting year full of growth and new friends. We began our Guided Meditation & Reiki program at an assisted living facility in Warren. Through the program we’ve been able to see some astounding results with the residents and staff who join us. We’ve also been able to get to know some wonderful people.

We’ve experienced shamanic fire ceremonies and learned about nutrition and the immune system. We’ve dispelled some myths surrounding death and the funeral industry. We’ve brought community and unity with our Sacred Circle for Women. We stretched our psychic muscles and even took a bus trip to Lily Dale. We went on meditative journeys and learned about tarot, crystals and how to pursue abundance. Plus, in the wake of the impending closure of GM Lordstown, we hosted a vigil in support of all the workers, their families and local businesses impacted.

And Great Conjunction has a lot more in store for 2019! Of course, we’ll continue with some of our existing programs like Psychic Development, our Death Café, Women’s Empowerment and more. We’re also going to explore numerology, make a “radical transformation” from body consciousness to Soul Conscious and we’ll even learn about Heart Math. We’ve also scheduled several Psychic Fairs for the year beginning in March in Boardman. These are just a few of the areas we’ll be heading in 2019.

And just as a reminder, we take a little break during January and February in case of inclement weather. But we’ll be back up to full speed in March.

And none of this would be possible without our amazing volunteers, presenters and most especially, each of you, the Great Conjunction Family. Thank you.

So as you begin your journey into 2019, allow us to join you and maybe even provide some guidance along the way.

Happy New Year! May 2019 bring you more love, laughter, good health, prosperity and joy than ever before.

We’ll see you in March!