Annette Noyes Head Shot 2The reversed Five of Cups offers a very hopeful outlook for the coming year as you experience recovery from losses. Resistance and disappointments are transformed into something better. Some hard decisions have been (or will be made) and this will allow for difficulty to be overcome. Emotional stability, coping skills, determination, and fortitude lift you out of the muddy mire of victimhood. No more wallowing for you!

five of cups reversedThis card also represents changes in your lifestyle that are more aligned with your True Self. By leaving behind the "woe is me" mentality, you'll be able to get on with the business of being joyful--as we're all meant to be. And in your more joyful state, you'll be more naturally charitable, forgiving, and kind to others and yourself. This will allow for rifts to be healed and hatchets to be buried.

Best wishes for the coming New Year,
Annette Noyes
The Emerald Box Turtle

JoeThorntonLet us be among of the first to wish you a very, very Happy New Year!

We’re all beginning a new year full of new opportunities and adventures. But before we do, let’s take a brief look back at 2018.

For Great Conjunction it was an exciting year full of growth and new friends. We began our Guided Meditation & Reiki program at an assisted living facility in Warren. Through the program we’ve been able to see some astounding results with the residents and staff who join us. We’ve also been able to get to know some wonderful people.

We’ve experienced shamanic fire ceremonies and learned about nutrition and the immune system. We’ve dispelled some myths surrounding death and the funeral industry. We’ve brought community and unity with our Sacred Circle for Women. We stretched our psychic muscles and even took a bus trip to Lily Dale. We went on meditative journeys and learned about tarot, crystals and how to pursue abundance. Plus, in the wake of the impending closure of GM Lordstown, we hosted a vigil in support of all the workers, their families and local businesses impacted.

And Great Conjunction has a lot more in store for 2019! Of course, we’ll continue with some of our existing programs like Psychic Development, our Death Café, Women’s Empowerment and more. We’re also going to explore numerology, make a “radical transformation” from body consciousness to Soul Conscious and we’ll even learn about Heart Math. We’ve also scheduled several Psychic Fairs for the year beginning in March in Boardman. These are just a few of the areas we’ll be heading in 2019.

And just as a reminder, we take a little break during January and February in case of inclement weather. But we’ll be back up to full speed in March.

And none of this would be possible without our amazing volunteers, presenters and most especially, each of you, the Great Conjunction Family. Thank you.

So as you begin your journey into 2019, allow us to join you and maybe even provide some guidance along the way.

Happy New Year! May 2019 bring you more love, laughter, good health, prosperity and joy than ever before.

We’ll see you in March!

Annette Noyes Head Shot 2The Empress signifies creation/creativity. She's about fertility of the mind and imagination. With the holiday hubbub over, now is the time for you to pay attention to the bees buzzing in your bonnet. Is this the year you finally open your own business? write your novel? repaint the bathroom? Whatever "creativity" means to you, it's time to examine those ideas. This card heralds productive and prolific energy on the material plane. Therefore, the energy and time is ripe for bringing your dreams out of your head and into your life.

03 empressThe Empress also represents self-care. Just as The Empress cares for her people, she must care for herself. If you think about it, giving, giving, and giving, without thought to receiving, puts you in a state of energetic imbalance. You have to receive just as much as you give! Therefore, practice receiving by accepting your own giving. Give yourself the gift of a nice hot bath, a movie that you want to see, a new purse, etc. If someone wants to take you to lunch, say yes, please, and thank you!!!

During this next month, concentrate on you. No, I don't mean you should abdicate all responsibility. Just make more time for your goals, dreams, and creature comforts. You made the holidays utterly fabulous for everyone else. Now it's "me time."

Best wishes!
Annette Noyes
The Emerald Box Turtle

November turned out to be a month of finding connection and releasing the blocks in our lives.

JoeKathyJohnKathy Evans Palmisano lead us in an amazing Burning Bowl ceremony and invited us to set our intensions for the coming year and what we are ready to release, write them down and share. We then burned what we had written and released it to the Universe. It was amazing to hear people share their fears and hopes and then see the look on their faces as what they had written burned to ashes and light. Kathy will be continuing her ritual work with Great conjunction in 2019.

SaraRedRoomSara Sachs shared messages and gallery readings in a Flower Séance in the Red Room. Sara is always fantastic and she did not disappoint! Laugher and tears filled the room as people received flowers and messages from loved ones who have passed. Anyone who did not receive a spirit message was given a short card reading at the end. Sara will be with us again next year!

Check out our Calendar and never miss a Great Conjunction Event!

Annette Noyes Head Shot 2December 2018

The Three of Pentacles represents work/professional situations. When reversed, the energy therein goes off the rails. Therefore, expect conflict among those who should be working together, which then causes delays. Management level workers are not immune to the situation and will probably offer poor guidance and criticism rather than solving a problem at its root.
Three of Pentacles - reversedI see this as the norm for the holiday season. Everyone is stressed about getting everything done to create a "perfect" celebration of a particular holiday. This private stress spills into the professional world and makes everyone cranky and disagreeable. Also, some may try to selfishly take extra days off to ease their own burden, but it simply shifts the burden onto other co-workers.
What to do? Self-care, self-care, and more self-care. No, you don't get to be the one taking extra days off. You'll be the one who interacts with all those Scrooges with humility  and courtesy. How is that fair, you ask? Because reacting with ease and confidence to a heated situation keeps you from becoming tense and soothes everyone else's temper as well. If you must, stay out of the break room and simply do your work to your very best ability. Let the chaos rage around you but don't participate. You be the island of calm for others and yourself.
Happy Holidays!
Annette Noyes

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