Great Conjunction welcomes Donna Bell! Donna is a regular at our Psychic Fairs and is always generous with her knowledge and talents. In this short video on Fluorite Donna shares some uses for this energetic stone. You can Read the full transcript at below.


Donna Bell is a Reiki Master and Energetic Wellness Practitioner. You can find out more about her at



So these are just a few examples of Fluorite. And I have much more of it, but it's just not available right now. I use Fluorite a lot in crystal grid work that I do. And grids are ways to hold energy for an intention so that you are not there holding the intention yourself. And fluorite is a master at this, which is why I have so much of it elsewhere.
So what I'm showing here are examples of, and talked about it and look what it did. This is a fluorite wand.

Here's the fluorite sphere.

Now fluorite is a real workhorse of the crystal and gem family. And we call it nature's ice cube and we use it a great deal in crystal healing work to help bring down the body temperature helps to destress people, even just the soothing color. And this is the green. And that's very soothing on its own.

This is a piece of clear fluorite. All fluorite is very protective and fluorite says, I work to bring you out of chaos. I work with systems and I work to bring about organization and balance. So if you're working on something that deals with, let's say. One of the prime examples for fluorite is you're working to achieve your ideal physicality.

Fluorite is the perfect stone to meditate with it and let it help support you in your goals for your perfect physical shape. Fluorite is also excellent if you are working on any type of projects that require a lot of mental work, as fluorite loves to help your brain to balance, making each side work - each side of your hemispheres of your brain - work in cooperation with each other so that you are stable, balanced, and you are much more clear in your intention, which brings about a more focused energy, which brings about a much smoother project and goal result.

Fluorite is easily made into beads, and shapes so that it can be used in jewelry. And I always encourage people. If you are having a stressful moment to carry a piece of fluorite with you for a few days.

All right. Well, I hope that you enjoy this video and that you learned a little bit more about fluorite.
Talk to you soon. Have a great night. Bye-bye.

Happy belated New Year!HeloLooking

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions lately.

The tradition of making a resolution on New Year’s began over four-thousand years ago.  Historically speaking, resolutions were make to the gods.  In Rome, they were made to the god Janus, after whom the month of January was named.  

Over the centuries people have resolved to lose weight, to exercise more, stop gossiping, to be a better person, become more involved in their community and on and on and on.  The types of resolutions are endless.  People have been passionate about making their resolutions and standing by them.  

But are resolutions really kept?  Let’s be honest, here.

FinnJumpingWhile it’s been a long-standing tradition to make a Resolution (with a capital “R”), it’s been an equally long-standing tradition to break one.  It’s not that people don’t want to better themselves or try to make healthy changes or even just stand by their decision.  It’s a simple matter of stick-to-it-ness and creating new habits.That’s the hard part.  It’s creating new habits that’s tough.  Soon after beginning to modify one’s life to meet a new resolution, a day comes when acting on that resolution slips the mind and then guilt sets in.  Then soon that Resolution has gone the way of the Dodo.

Another New Year’s, another broken Resolution.  We feel guilty, anxious and, often, like a failure.  

And here’s the crux of it: we aren’t failures or lazy or any other negative thing we throw at ourselves.  It’s a simple matter of patience and time.  LeiaJumping

Simply put, a resolution (lower case “r”) is the goal of creating a new habit.  We all have a lot of habits, both good and bad.  But a new resolution takes time to become a habit.  If your resolution is to start drinking a glass of water every morning, it’ll take about 21-days for that to become a habit.  If you’re trying something a bit harder it’s going to take longer.  If, for example, you resolve to exercise more it could take 66-days before it becomes habitual.  66-days can be a long time and those 66-days will always be the hardest.

PoeJumpingThere’s another factor that we tend to put on ourselves and that’s the pressure of having made a resolution to begin with.  That adds a level of pressure that no one needs and that we can seldom live up to.  So it sets us up for failure more than for success.  Those thousands of years of resolutions, broken and lived up to are a lot of pressure.

I decided long ago that New Year’s resolutions are bunk.  They’re way too much to try to live up to.  When I want to make changes in my life, I don’t want thousands of years of pressure on me.  I want as much positive energy and support a I can get.  

I continually try to improve myself and my life but I won’t make a resolution.  I will, however, try to focus on creating a new habit and I’ll allow myself to stumble and make mistakes; that’s only human.  I try my best to be patient and hang on for those 66-days till my new habit sets in.

Does it always work?  Oh, heck no!  But that’s actually part of the beauty of it; the striving and the effort.  

So let’s all get together and resolve to not make Resolutions!  But if you want to try to create a new habit, I’ll be happy to lend moral support!

4 up on 12 11 20 at 2.14 PM 4I recently had the honor of speaking to a group of 8th-grade students about Breathing and Mindfulness.  I was nervous, I was told they had spent some time with meditation and mindfulness before, but I had no idea what to expect.  

I was thrilled to discover these kids were practicing meditation and mindfulness in class every week – even during distance learning this year.  So instead of talking about the basics of what is mindfulness we played with breathing exercises, talked about finding your calm center fast, and how mindfulness can be a superpower to make you more confident, focused, and in control in every situation.

What a fantastic group of students, it was an honor!

HeloJoeBabyPoeThis is a joyous season.  It’s filled with love and laughter, cheer and joy.  

I am one of those people who like to be told or to say, “Happy Holidays”, but I like being told, “Merry Christmas”, too.  I wish people, “Happy Holidays”, certainly not because I have anything against Christmas, but because there are multiple holidays being celebrated.  Christmas and New Years are only two of them.  I want to honor everyone, their beliefs, and their celebrations.  It’s all about love and joy.

JohnStanleyI’ve looked them up and there are a lot of holidays in the month of December.  Being a non-religious Spiritual Center, we rejoice in all of them!  I wanted to share some of the holidays with you.  There are far too many for me to list them all, but I’m going to share the biggies and some that stood out to me.  

I would like to wish everyone who may celebrate any of all of the holidays a very, very:

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Christmas

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy New Year

 And if that’s not enough celebrating for you, try:

Happy Rosa Parks DayTeresaBoardman
Happy National Mutt Day

Happy Special Education Day

Happy National Cookie Day 

Happy National Rhubarb Vodka Day

Happy Dewey Decimal System Day (I may be dating myself with this one)

Happy National Ambrosia Day

Happy National Cocoa Day

Happy Maple Syrup Day

SuzanneAkronHappy National Sangria Day

Happy Boxing Day

Happy National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

Please don’t be offended if I left off one of your favorite holidays.  There are just so many and my fingers are getting really tired from typing!

But we, the Great Conjunction family which includes myself, Joe Thornton, John Michael Thornton, Teresa Kinney, and Suzanne Olesko, would like to wish each and every one of you a very happy and joyous holiday season.  We are grateful for you, your participation, and your support to help us keep going and conducting our outreach programs.

From our family to yours, have a happy holiday season!  Love & Joy!

I certainly won’t even begin to speak for you and I won’t even try to speak for John, but 2020 has been one mean year and I’m glad it’s almost over!JoeBrace

I know that I have been incredibly fortunate while others have had things much worse than I, but it’s been a pretty tough year.  Still just speaking for myself, my year began with learning I’d have to have spinal surgery immediately followed by the death of a very dear friend then segued into a global pandemic in full self-quarantine mode.  I eventually had my surgery, leaving me essentially incapacitated for half a year.  

All in all, I’ve tried to rise to every challenge thrown at me and even tried to learn lessons along the way.  There have been times this year I know I succeeded, but there have been occasions where I let things get the best of me.  But I'm still here and I’m ready to begin again.  

I know we’re all, essentially, been in the same boat; time to leave all this behind and head toward a better future.  To help us do that, we’ve asked a member of the Great Conjunction family to guide us all in a two-part workshop beginning this Tuesday, December 8th.

IMG 5481Victoria Price will help us to examine and take stock of 2020 in the first part of this workshop called “A Box Full Of Darkness: Reconcile & Release 2020”.  Together in this workshop through journaling, guided visualization, and simple rituals, we’ll open our boxes full of darkness and consciously, and with commitment, prepare to move toward the light. 

Victoria, if you recall, is not only the daughter of Hollywood legend Vincent Price, but is an interspiritual/interfaith minister, author, and motivational speaker.  Victoria is the perfect person to guide us through this experience.

The second half of the workshop will take place on January 19th entitled “Everything Is Waiting For You: Welcome A New Year With Intention”.  

The entire two-part workshop is $32.  To attend the complete workshop, sign-up here:

If you wish to attend only the second half held in January, please sign-up here:

I hope you can join us for a cathartic and educational workshop.

I, for one, am ready to move forward.