JoeThorntonHappy June everybody! Summer is really coming!

In May we celebrated our wonderful mothers. June is the month in which we collectively celebrate our fathers; the other half of our DNA. If you don’t mind, I would like to share a little something about my father.

My father, whom I call Papa, was always an incredibly hard-working, don’t-sit-still kind of guy. He truly worked all the time. And that trait began in his childhood.


Papa in the Marines

Papa began his days with his paper route before heading to our family’s church where he was an altar boy and assisted with mass seven mornings a week for many years. Then he headed to school where, all through school, he was on the football team and the basketball team. During high school he also added ROTC to his schedule and by the time he graduated was a sergeant in the Marines. On the rare occasion he was home, he naturally did chores around the house. He never stopped.


My First Birthday

After graduating he joined the Marines full-time and before his discharge, was an embassy guard in El Salvador.

Upon his return home, Papa immediately got a job at the B.F. Goodrich, where my grandfather worked all his life.

Soon thereafter, he met my mother and they married. She had three daughters from a previous marriage and was pregnant with me. With five-mouths to feed and another on the way, he went out and got a second full-time job and a third job working part-time.

Eventually my parents divorced, but Papa was awarded custody of me and before long, he got his dream job in law enforcement and he remarried. In the 1960’s the Sheriff’s department didn’t allow deputies to work other jobs, but at least this one paid well enough he could support his much smaller family.


Papa & my Step-Mother

Papa would have grown bored having only one job, but luckily, my stepmother owned her own flower shop. Papa was the built-in handyman and deliveryman.

On the rare occasions that Papa had a day off, he would relax by grabbing a cycle and felling a field of weeds. Somehow that gave him the rest he needed.

Thornton 279 5x7

Our Wedding

No matter what in life, Papa always put my stepmother and me before himself and gave us a solid home life.

My father has always been my best friend; we have been tight my entire life. A few years after I moved to Arizona, my parents quit their jobs, sold their home and joined me in the desert. After my mom passed away and Papa retired, he wanted to return to Akron, OH to be near his siblings, though he wouldn’t move without me. Naturally, I came along. Now that I’m married and living in Youngstown, OH, Papa decided that my being an hour away was too far, so at 78 he sold his house and moved to Youngstown. Now he’s only one-mile from us.

Not surprisingly, I guess, Papa also instilled in me a strong work ethic.

I’m incredibly proud of my father and I’m grateful and proud to be his son. The lessons I’ve learned from him, and am still learning, are innumerable. He’s my best friend. He’s Papa. He’s my hero.

Happy Father’s Day.

We are thrilled to introduce a new Feature from longtime friend, teacher and Expo Reader Annette Noyes! Each month Annette will draw a card and give us her interpretation based on her extensive knowledge and studies.


May 20189crTarot


Nine of Cups, reversed (that means upside down, not a "bad thing" simply a change of energies):

Nines, generally speaking, represent completing a big project or endeavor. Examples of that would be graduating high school, college, a training program, military basic training, etc. You may be coming to the end of setting up a new business or have just bought a house after long searches and endless paper work. But even though you've worked very hard for something, and the end to all that toil is near, it's not time to rest on your laurels and coast. "Complacency" is the big message of this reversed Nine of Cups, and I want to stress that we don't want to park it with our feet up just yet.

There's more work to be done before it's Miller Time. In fact, through more hard work, something may come to light...a "D'oh!" moment where something you thought was settled turns out not to be. Maybe your new computer networking system goes down, or the gently used restaurant cooler you got for half price blows a gasket.

You're also going to figure out who your real friends are, and who are just beer buddies. Not that beer buddies have no place in our lives. They're great! But when you need real help, they're not the type to help you move houses in July. Into a building with no elevator. And you picked a fourth floor apartment.... Did you mention your brick collection?

Happy May all!
Annette Noyes
The Emerald Box Turtle


JoeThorntonHappy Spring! Yes, even here in NE Ohio, despite the start and stop and start and stop of the nice weather, Spring has officially arrived. Life is beginning anew. Just look out your windows and you’ll see the beauty of nature coming back into bloom. The earth is being renewed.

While the blossoming of a daffodil looks so gentle, not all growth and renewal is painless.

Like most people, I am trying to grow and renew my spirit all the time. I want to improve in all ways and I want to bloom. But it can be a very painful process at times.

We’re told that the best teacher is failure and it’s true. Sometimes the best way to learn a lesson and to grow is to stumble and fall. When that happens, you just have to get back up, brush yourself off and continue on.plumblossom Hopefully we have learned a lesson so we can avoid falling in quite the same way in the future.

We all fall. We all fail at times. But it’s what we do with that experience that determines whether or not we grow, or bloom. If we choose to examine what why it was that we tripped and stumbled, then we can learn a valuable lesson and grow.

But of equal importance is that we try to help each other to learn and to grow. When someone stumbles, we should offer a hand to help them up when possible. Together, we can ease the pain of learning hard lessons. And we can encourage each other to grow.

One thing I often see is jealousy or resentment. Both emotions are poisonous to our own soul. Rather than being envious and resenting that someone else succeeded and we haven’t, we should rejoice and celebrate their success. When we open our hearts and truly experience that joy, our opened hearts will allow more positivity and more success for ourselves.

The late and great Carrie Fisher once said, “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Exactly. Don’t poison yourself with that negativity. Positivity is what helps us to grow. The more positive we are, the more we are open to renewal, rejuvenation and growth.


This past January, the project to get Pat Montandon and Children as the Peacemakers to North Korea to meet with that country’s leader began in earnest. The goal is to be invited to there to discuss peace and nuclear disarmament.

Ms. Montandon wrote a letter to Kim Jong-Un, which is attached here:

Letter KimJong Un 

And look at what’s happening in the news now! Kim Jong-Un has agreed to declare peace between North Korea and South Korea and nuclear disarmament; a truly historic event!

Did Ms. Montandon’s letter bring this about? We don’t know. But the timing is incredible, don’t’ you think? And we’re hoping that with this renewed, kinder side of Kim Jong-Un may allow for that much desired invitation to North Korea that we’ve been hoping for.

I hope you’re all enjoying the springtime renewal. And I hope that you’re each experiencing great blossoming in your own lives.


Great Conjunction Still Working For Peace

JoeThorntonIf you recall, in the March newsletter we announced that Great Conjunction Spiritual Center would be working with another very important non-profit.  Specifically, I was going to California to work with Children As The Peacemakers. Well, I am back! And I can tell you that we worked very hard to get some amazing projects moving forward.

As a gentle reminder, Children As The Peacemakers (CATP) is an organization dedicated to making peace happen, as well as push for nuclear disarmament, through the creative participation of children from around the globe.

P Montandon 3CATP’s founder, Pat Montandon, an author, humanitarian and activist who has devoted her life to making our world a place of peace, hope and love, founded Children As The Peacemakers in the early 1980’s.  She took children from around the world on 37 different global trips to meet with world leaders. President Reagan, Russia’s Mikhail Gorbachev, Indira Gandhi of India, German Chancellor Kohl, Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II and China’s Premiere Zhao Ziyang are just some of the leaders who met with Ms. Montandon and the children.

Now, in 2018, the threat of war and nuclear arms is, once again, a terrifyingly real one. Something needs to be done and frequently, grass-roots operations make a huge difference.

Because of this, Ms. Montandon has come out of retirement and is planning a new trip to pursue peace. This time, she’s intends to take a small delegation to meet with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un.

The trip is just one of the projects to which much of the time was devoted. Additional projects have presented themselves as well. That’s why, what began as a two-week trip to California turned into a four-week trip.

Ethiopia 2

Other projects that needed attention include, but do not end with, building a new website for CATP, a documentary being produced on Ms. Montandon’s life and a film that is being made of one of her books. These projects required detailed work in the extensive archives for CATP, which include hundreds of files, countless photographs and untold hours of film footage from those 37 trips.

Naturally, when working on any project, you expect some sort of bump in the road along the way. We had our share of those, too. One of which is trying to find a way to legally get a letter to Kim Jong-Un since the U.S. has sanctions in place that make it illegal to send mail to North Korea.

Working with Ms. Montandon for a month was an amazing experience. The many lessons learned and ideas to bring back to Great Conjunction are priceless. The entire experience was rewarding beyond measure both professionally and personally. We were friends before this trip, but the bond that developed between us is very precious to me. For over forty years I’ve known that she was an amazing woman. Now I know just how special and unique she truly is.

IMG 5389I will be eternally grateful to John, my husband and Great Conjunction’s co-founder, to his patience while I was away and his unwavering support, allowing me to have this experience. I will always be grateful to Pat Montandon for the lessons, the experiences, the knowledge, the work and the love.

I feel like a better man because of it. And I discovered this past weekend that I am now a better teacher than before. I’ve taught many classes in Reiki, but the class held on March 31st was phenomenal. I had five amazing students, but I also had more to bring to the table and, at least for me (and hopefully for the students), it was a much richer experience.

And thank you to all of you, our Great Conjunction members and extended family. Your support, encouragement and enthusiasm are invaluable. I hope you liked the videos I sent from California.

As a reminder, four of Ms. Montandon’s books are available through Great Conjunction and each of them are autographed. You may obtain copies at our psychic fairs or contact us direct. You can also get copies at our Sacred Empowerment Circle for Women on Thursday, April 26th as well as other classes, lectures and workshops.

Autographed books are available for a suggested donation of $20 each. Here is a list of the books we have:

  • “Whispers From God: A Life Beyond Imaginings”: the true story of how Pat Montandon had to reinvent herself after a brutal divorce and the many fascinating adventures she had travelling the world with children to pursue peace.
  • “Peeing On Hot Coals”: Pat’s dramatic and heart-warming, and sometimes heart wrenching, coming of age memoir of growing up in the Dust Bowl and ending with her life married to a billionaire in San Francisco.
  • “Making Friends”: chronicles the true story of two 11-year old girls, one from Moscow, one from San Francisco, who traveled across America learning about each other and their different cultures.
  • “Celebrities and Their Angels”: a collection of angel sketches and writings by fifty-two celebrities from Whoopi Goldberg to Mikhail Gorbachev, commemorating A Gathering of Angels, an event benefitting a project to halt violence against children.

Watch for the beautiful Springtime flowers that are beginning to pop up all over the place!



Joe Thornton is spending some time working with and learning from Pat Mondaton and her non-profits Children as the Teachers of Peace.

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