With your help, I would like to start a new feature in the monthly newsletters.  I’m thinking it should be a sort of a “Dear Abby” style of Q & A on the subject of energy work, energetic practices, Reiki and the like.

Often non-energy workers, energy workers and Reiki facilitators alike ask me different questions. They range anywhere from what is energy work to how does Reiki work.  Reiki facilitators often ask about various experiences they’ve had or wonder what to do next.

So if you have any questions, please just email me and I’ll answer them the best I can here in the newsletter.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To begin, I’ll address a question that comes up quite often.  How do I ground?

Life can be messy. Life can be chaotic.  Life can be busy.  Life can be… well, you get the idea.  And I sure don’t have to tell you how complicated life can be.  Goodness knows we’ve all had our share of ups and down. 

Just living life and getting through the rough patches, and sometimes even the smooth patches, can become stressful and can leave us feeling ungrounded and stressed out.

Great Conjunction BackyardI thought I’d share a little bit of what I’ve been dealing with recently.   A few weeks ago my father had hip replacement surgery.  For most people, this is not too big of an issue. However, my father is 80, diabetic and a smoker.  These are things that set off warning alarms for surgeons and anesthesiologists.  But to keep this brief, suffice to say the surgery was “concerning”.  

The surgery went very well and without a hitch.  Recovery also has been perfect.  The problem has been his rehabilitation to strengthen his new hip and the leg. First, he vehemently refused to go to a rehab facility.  Getting him to understand the importance of going and finally to agree to it was a battle. One in rehab, he will only exercise during the therapy sessions, not when he’s relaxing in his room… as advised. His attitude:  why should I do it again, I’ve already done it.

Princess Irene TulipDad’s now been in rehab for just over a week.   The other day we had a meeting with the head of the therapy department and he advised that, because of the slow rehabilitation of the hip and leg, my dad stay in the center for another two weeks.  He explained that if the joint and leg aren’t properly rehabbed and strengthened, he may not be able to walk well.  My father became irate and absolutely refused, but after some coaxing, did agree to finish out the current week.

I worry that my dad won’t be able to be independent for long.  I worry that he may be in pain.  I worry that he may fall.  I worry, period.  And I become ungrounded and very stressed out.

So how do I ground and center?  I’d like to say that it’s very easy… and technically it is.  The tough part is just allowing it to come.  But here are a few things that I like to do to ground and center myself.

Weather permitting, each day I like to take a walk in the yard.  Enjoy the beauty of all the flowers and blooming trees.  Experience the fragrances of all the blooms.  Feel the cool, soothing breeze on my skin and through my hair.  

Helo Playing with a stick at Great ConjunctionI enjoy taking time to play with my dog. Not to think about anything beyond the fun and silliness of the games we play; tug-of-war, fetch, etc…  I also like to focus not just on the moment, but on the amazing beauty of the communication between man and animal.

I like to give myself Reiki. It doesn’t have to be a long session, though that’s nice.  Sometimes I’ll just sit down and close my eyes and ask the Universe and my spirit guides to blanket me with the loving energy of the Universe.  Take a few deep breaths.  It’s surprisingly energizing.

Take the time to water each of my plants, individually.  By that I mean to look at each plant, examine the leaves and be aware of the changes, the growth, the color.  Be in the moment with each of my plants.  Are there new shoots?  Does it need to be repotted yet?  I also like to touch the leaves and feel their textures.

Sometimes I’ll steal a few minutes away and do something just for me, like read a few pages in a book or listen to some of my favorite music.

These are all things that help me to ground.  They’re easy to do.  Again, the trick is to stop your mind from going places it doesn’t need to be or to stop focusing on things I cannot do anything about right then.  Just focus on the moment.  Focus on the activity.  Reconnect with the planet, with the minutiae of life.

Give it a try some time. It’s very relaxing and helps you get back to center.

And don’t forget, if you have any questions at all, large or small… please email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MJ BriggerThe Way of the Wise Woman is the sacred passage of ageless time that guides a woman through the journey of her  Wisdom Years. These are the years of The Wise Woman, as the passage of time increases a woman’s ageless wisdom with a deeper awareness and personal truth regarding her relevancy, presence, visibility, spirituality, intuition, voice and beauty.


The Wise Woman intuitively knows that it is not the process of time that defines her, but the ageless degrees of wisdom learned, earned and accrued through personal life experiences of joy and sorrow.

A Sacred Time of Increased Conscious Awareness

I developed The Way of the Wise Woman to empower women on how to embrace their wisdom years as a sacred time of increased conscious awareness in pursuit of ageless personal authenticity, purpose and well being. Many women see their wisdom years as an opportunity to become leaders and changemakers within their chosen field to create the change they wish to see in the world. Yet the Wise Woman intuitively knows that to become positive leaders and changemakers within the world or one’s personal environment, they must first become leaders and changemakers on a deeper, more sacred level within themselves.

The Way of the Wise Woman 3 Step Sacred Empowerment System

Career Path Success new program, The Way of the Wise Woman, recognizes that in order to create personal change and transformation, we must first address Who Am I on deeper levels of self and spirituality with greater awareness of our intuition.


We achieve this through our Way of the Wise Woman  3 Step Sacred Empowerment System which is the core of all our transformative services. These 3 Core Sacred Empowerment Steps are:

  1. Merge - Discovering, Recognizing and Aligning to your Highest Power, which we call your Inner Wise Woman.
  2. Know - As you align with your Inner Wise Woman, you develop a deeper awareness of your intuition, your wise Inner Knowing as the powerhouse within you that drives increased self-confidence, clear decision making, and trusted personal guidance.
  3. BE - As you merge with your Inner Wise Woman, you begin to Know and recognize the power of your intuition which leads to BEcoming an empowered Ageless Wise Woman.

A Movement To Empower Ageless Women of Wisdom

We are moving through an evolution of spirit as consciousness is rising with the awakening of the sacred feminine energy. This awakening is creating an awareness that the suppression of women is no longer tolerated as they seek to break outdated paradigms of what women should be.

Ageless women of wisdom is a movement to empower women to awaken and take back their powerful gifts of sacred feminity that encourages community, peace, healing, nurturing, intuition and love. Ageless women of wisdom do not seek to dominate but to bring harmony through balance with the divine masculine. Ageless wisdom states once we bring these divine energies into balance we enter a time of peace within ourselves and globally.

Just Ask A Woman

And as the old saying goes, if you need something done, just ask a woman. In this case, just ask an ageless woman of wisdom, for she is rising to the occasion to balance the energies, no longer invisible or irrelevant, but powerful in the spirit of her presence and voice. The ageless wise woman rides in on the winds of transformational change and not the traditional white horse to save the day. And with the voice of our ageless wisdom, we powerfully shout,“ Giddyup!”  

I am Mary Jane Brigger, Woman’s Sacred Empowerment, and Intuition Development Consultant, Ageless Wise Woman and Owner of Career Path Success, LLC, I have over 35 years of corporate, small business, career building, spiritual guidance and personal transformation experience to address women's specific mind, body and spiritual needs.


Follow me on my blog at:


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Join Mary Jane Brigger for  "The Empowered Intuition 3 Step Development System - BEcoming Your Intuitive Wise Woman"  Thursday, June 6th from 6-9 pm!

Monday morning our beloved dog Dart passed away at home.  Joe and I were with him and he was held and loved as he passed, he had been with us twelve and a half years.FirstpicofDart

It was a dark and stormy night when I found Dart lying huddled in the rain next to my driveway. The headlights from the car illuminating a skinny, wet dog with big brown eyes and floppy ears.  I did not want a dog, but I dried him off and gave him some fresh water and a place to sleep on the porch resolving to find his owners in the morning. Dartinthesnow

He was full grown when his showed up with a blue collar and no tags.  I started asking the neighbors and my dog loving mail carrier, Mary, checked her whole route, trying to find his owners.  When I would tell him, “Go home!” he would just look at me.  After a few days of him living on my porch, not inside because I did not want (and could not afford) a dog, Mary said, “I think you have a dog, you should get him to a vet.”

My parents and my friend Sherry helped me out with a few bucks for the Vet and suddenly I had a dog, a very quick dog, who happily responded to Dart – Dartanian when I was feeling pretentious.JohnandDart

He wasn’t very well trained at first, but he learned fast, except he kept peeing on the potted tree in my bedroom.  So one day I hid in the closet so I could jump out and catch him in the act.  He never peed in the house again.GlowingEyes

I quickly came to believe Dart was sent to me to be my protector, maybe my familiar, but he was definitely a faerie dog.  The strange spirits that would float through the neighborhood dispersed when he was around, nervous clients quickly calmed and the groundhogs stayed out of the garden. He even helped a few friends who were afraid of dogs, especially big dogs, past their fears.  It was rare for him to dislike someone, but I always listened when he did.ThorntonFamilyChristmas

Over the last few years he started slowing down, but he could still disappear when he wanted to, and he still tried to patrol the boundaries of the yard.  Around Christmas we started carrying him up and down the stairs as he grew weaker, unless he darted around us and got to the stairs first.

Monday morning he was gone. He was my first dog and the very best Dart in the world.




Annette NoyesInteresting that this card should appear as spring blooms and Mother Earth works her magic to carry us into a new season of growth…. six of cups reversedWhen the Six of Cups is upright, it brings us fond memories and soft nostalgia about our past. Reversed, we are given a more honest view of the past: those “good ol’ days” weren’t so golden after all. The so called Gilded Age had its own share of problems. Just ask your grandmother about washing clothes…or your great-grandmother. 

If thinking about your childhood evokes “discomfort”, you may need a little assistance getting past some stuff that’s now getting in your way. This can mean a few sessions with a licensed therapist, but it can also mean taking swimming lessons if you’re afraid of the water, tennis lessons if you’re still mortified by your poor performance on the high school tennis team, etc. The point is to remove destructive unconscious thought patterns and replace them with new memories of success. Check to see if you’re still performing certain obligations out of habit, too, because those also fall into “destructive patterns.”

In a nutshell, this card is about facing forward with renewed trust in your future. Enjoy!


Happy April, all!

Annette Noyes

The Emerald Box Turtle

by Tamera Crosby


Each of the stones listed for the month of April above have appeared on some list for birthstones or the zodiac gemstones at one time or another…(see listings under Birthstones and Zodiac stones elsewhere in blog). A few are a crossover from Aries into Taurus because the month is split and I wanted to address all of the stones associated with the month of April.

Next will be some definitions, uses, and possible gemstone lore for each of the stones above. There are probably other pages with the definition listings and uses for some of these stones throughout my blog pages but I will add them here for the convenience of viewing.



BloodstoneBLOODSTONE -- Bloodstone is a form of Jasper. It is normally a mid to deep green with blood red specks or splatters throughout the stone and may even have streaks of ochre included. Bloodstone is a good balancer and is said to help with problems concerning the blood and the liver…(thus the colors of red and ochre with the green as the healing center). It is also said to help with stopping bleeding and is generally good for a whole body cleansing. A friend and mentor of mine always has his clients tape a bloodstone cabochon to their lower back for back pain/problems with a pretty good success rate last I had checked. This isn't to replace traditional medical treatments, it is just to help keep one going until treatment is available…(none of the suggested stone healing usages are to be used alone but in conjunction with traditional methods to help speed them along). Emotionally, Bloodstone is said to help one deal with and remove old anger. One slight warning on this part…I have a friend who stays away from carrying bloodstone because it tends to intensify her anger and even mood swings at inappropriate times…perhaps this is the way it helps one face and deal with that old anger, by bringing it to the surface to be faced and conquered. Gemstone lore associated with the Bloodstone is that the red speckles or splatters throughout the stone are drops of blood from Jesus Christ as He was being crucified.


FireOpalFIRE OPAL -- There are many types of Opal. All are good for emotional healing and helping one to look within. The Fire Opal is often listed as a Mexican Fire Opal and contains a brilliant fiery array of red, yellows, greens and oranges within a brownish stone. It consists of many layers within the stone and when polished, the entire fire can be lost by just a touch too much polishing. It is mostly a fragile stone because of the thin layers which is what prompted the lore about it being 'bad luck' to wear the opal if it wasn't your birthstone. It generally needs moisture to keep it from drying out and works very well with the oils from wearing close to the body…very similar to pearls being enhanced by wearing on the skin. Most of the fiery specimens used in jewelry today are called doublets or triplets which means they are layered between or under another stone, usually quartz for over the top and sometimes onyx beneath it, especially if they want a black background to bring out a certain color within the opal. This makes them more stable as a triplet and less likely to crack if dried out. Some opals do have the color without as much instability and the Mexican Fire Opal one of them.



JasperJASPER -- Jaspers come in many different colors and patterns, each with their own specific traits and areas of healing. Most are very protective and will work with their corresponding chakra by the color. A particular jasper sacred to the Native American Indians is the Red Jasper. Bloodstone is a form of Jasper. The Jaspers, besides protection help with the recalibration and balancing of the chakras as well as healing. With the Jaspers, use your own intuition as to which is right for you or which is needed at any particular time. Said to strengthen the liver, gallbladder, and bladder. Powerful healer with the main impact on the physical body. Represents the earth elements.


Tamera Crosby is in incredibly talented artist and gem and stone expert.  She appears regularly at Great Conjunction Expos and can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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