November turned out to be a month of finding connection and releasing the blocks in our lives.

JoeKathyJohnKathy Evans Palmisano lead us in an amazing Burning Bowl ceremony and invited us to set our intensions for the coming year and what we are ready to release, write them down and share. We then burned what we had written and released it to the Universe. It was amazing to hear people share their fears and hopes and then see the look on their faces as what they had written burned to ashes and light. Kathy will be continuing her ritual work with Great conjunction in 2019.

SaraRedRoomSara Sachs shared messages and gallery readings in a Flower Séance in the Red Room. Sara is always fantastic and she did not disappoint! Laugher and tears filled the room as people received flowers and messages from loved ones who have passed. Anyone who did not receive a spirit message was given a short card reading at the end. Sara will be with us again next year!

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