We had a wonderful group for October’s Psychic Development Circle! We explored psychometry and learned how to intuitively connect using personal objects. We also explored how psychometry can be used to delve into an objects past.

Due to the amazing success of the Sacred Feminine Circle, Mary Jane Brigger will be returning to Great Conjunction in 2019 with a new quarterly workshop celebrating feminine empowerment. Date to be announced soon.  From Mary Jane Brigger:

"Thank you to Great Conjunction Spiritual Center for hosting Sacred Empowerment Circle for Women  on Thursday, October 25th. We gathered together  in Circle as women have done for thousands of years to share our wisdom in supporting and empowering our sisters on the awakening of our Sacred Feminine Energy. Within this Sacred Circle, we meditated to meet our Authentic Self, learned to recognize the feminine power of our Intuition while also listening, comforting and guiding each other on our sacred paths. We are grateful to all the women who turned out for this sacred empowerment event and we look forward to returning in the Spring of 2019."

The lecture “Boost Your Immune System, For The Health of It!” with Jessica Sowers was not only educational but fun. Among the many topics discussed were the ways nutrition and good, healthy food can help prevent disease and inflammation. It was an easy discussions with a lot of laughs from a great presenter!

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