PupleDearNettleA few days ago while I was out for a quick run through the cemetery (very respectfully), I found myself trapped in a cycle of worry and fear over Joe’s upcoming surgery. I kept trying to jolt myself out of it, but I found myself thinking of worst case scenarios and trapped in the fear he was going to die. In that moment I felt like I tapped into a global well of pain and sadness so deep that my heart skipped.  Literally. I felt a sharp pain in my chest scary enough to jolt up my shields and bring me back to the present before I face planted on the pavement.

I immediately headed for home, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the well of pain I had felt.  Bigger and deeper than I could imagine or process.  When I got back to the house I wasn’t ready to go in yet, I didn’t want to take that energy back inside. So I decided to lean in, put on depressing music and cry a bit and wander the mostly abandoned back streets in our neighborhood. 

I couldn’t get the catharsis I was looking for, I just felt numb.  Then something caught my eye, a small patch of wildflowers growing out of a rotting stump. I know these flowers, they grew wild around my childhood home and they have most Metal name ever: Purple Dead Nettle also known as purple archangel.

I decided it was the omen I was looking for so I picked a small bouquet and took them home to Joe before looking up the symbolism:

Purple Dead Nettle ~ is associated with happiness, cheerfulness, determination and tenacity. It can grow just about anywhere, even when the soil is of poor quality or practically non-existent.

Grow everywhere with happiness, cheerfulness, determination and tenacity.

In the last newsletter, we began discussing how none of are ever truly alone in this life.  Though we may not see them or share a pizza with them, our spirit guides are always with us.

Spirit Guides are like the ultimate best friends.  They are here to support us; holding our hands when necessary and egging us on when we need it.  Even guiding and teaching us along the way.  And they love us unconditionally.  

If you don’t speak to your guides for long periods of time, they aren’t offended or hold a grudge.  They are always happy to interact with us and to be there for us when we ask.

But as with a good friend, we must build and foster our relationships with our spirit guides.  This is much easier than most people think.  All it takes is two simple things:  respect and communication.  While they are on the ethereal plane, it’s all the same.  It’s no different than dealing with a person sitting in the same room.  Respect them and communicate with them.

Talk to them.  Tell them what’s going on with you and how you feel about things.  It’s okay and it’s safe; they don’t ever share your secrets.  And always show them respect.  Appreciate them just as you want to be appreciated.  

I always tell them how much I appreciate them being here for me all the time and how grateful I am for their love and their teachings.

Just remember that communication’s the key.  If we need assistance or guidance, must ask.  While our guides are here to give us a hand, they aren’t here to just step in and take over.  Never forget about that old pesky “Free Will” thing!  We have it and our guides respect that.  So, if you need their assistance, you must ask for it.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Just what can I ask my guides for”?  I’m glad you asked that question!  And I’ve gotta tell ya, the list of possibilities is endless.  Big or little, your requests are not ignored.  You can ask for their company so you don’t feel alone.  You can ask for guidance and clarification during difficult times.  You can even ask them which type of wine you should have with your dinner.  Spirit guides are wise and knowing and are here to support us in pursuit of our highest and greatest good.  

We’ll continue this conversation in the April newsletter.  And if you want to learn how to meet and develop strong relationships with your spirit guides, in June I will be part of a dynamic group of teachers hosting a workshop on spirit guides.  There’s a lot of information about the class on our website and if you register before the early-bird deadline you’ll get a great discount!  Check it out.  It’s gonna be an awesome workshop with some amazing and gifted teachers!

Did you know that wherever you go, whatever you do, whether things are going along smoothly or you’ve hit a rough patch, you are never alone.  Not even when you can’t see anyone around.

That sounds kind of ominous, doesn’t it?  Almost as though someone is always lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce.  Or trying to catch you doing something wrong.  

But nobody is watching you… at least that I’m aware of.  I’m not referring to a stalker.  I’m not even referring to Santa watching to see whether you’re naughty or nice.  I’m not speaking of Big Brother in George Orwell’s dystopian future from the book “1984” or even your mother after you’ve misbehaved.  And I’m certainly not talking about a babysitter.  Nope none of those are even close.

And while none of those people are watching you, you’re still not alone.  

At all times of the day and night, from birth to death, whether or not you’re aware or even believe, you are constantly being attended by your spirit guides.

Don’t worry, it’s not scary or even intrusive.  It’s no different than when you were told as a child that you were protected by your guardian angel.  Your spirit guides are there for your support and well-being.

Spirit guides are at your disposal to give you guidance and assistance in all of life’s moments, big or small.  They will help you make decisions and choices, easy or difficult.  And they will never steer you wrong.  You can always bank on your guides.

I know it sounds kind of full and busy, but there’s always elbow room because your guides aren’t here to crowd you or even to tell you what to do… at least, not unless you ask them.

What are they for?  Excellent question.  And the not so simple answer is that they are with you to educate, guide and assist you in your current lifetime.  They are here to support you and to help you with life’s lessons.  

But make no mistake, they are not here to do things for you.  They’re not here to pick-up after you on a cosmic or karmic level.  They’re not your maids.

Learn more in the March issue of the Great Conjunction newsletter.


They are here to…

Are the same guides with you all your life?