“How do you protect your energy prior to going into a space where there will be a lot of people? Park, party, concert etc?

  from T. R.

Energetic self-protection is very important for everyone but especially for energy workers and empathic/psychically developed people.  So often we go out to a crowded place and the energies around us can have a huge impact on us physically, spiritually or even emotionally.  Too often we forget to shield, or protect, ourselves.

The way I like to describe being in public without being energetically protected is like walking around in a white suit just after a hard rain.  People go by you, stomping in the puddles and mud.  You end up getting splashed with that mud and mess and your nice, clean white suit is now covered with the messes of other people. 

If you protect yourself, that is much less likely to happen.

There are a myriad of methods you can use to protect yourself but I’m going to share with you what I do.  

Quite some time ago, I spent an entire weekend at an enormous psychic fair and, at the time, was unaware of how to properly protect myself from the energies around me.   At the end of the first day, I was so covered in other people’s stuff, or mud on my white suit, that in the middle of a crowded restaurant, for not apparent reason, I broke down in tears.  All the emotional baggage that I had been exposed to on that first day completely overwhelmed me.

The next morning, a friend and veteran psychic took one look at me and declared that I had a rough night and it was because I had gotten “slimed” by all the energy the previous day.  She sure was right.  She sat me down and told me that every time I go out in public to visualize the following:

I see a swirling wind, like a cyclone, around me and when it clears, a crystal of my choosing, such as Selenite, surrounds me.  It’s open above for connection to the Divine and open below for grounding and connection to the earth.  No negative energy is able to penetrate this barrier, but all positive energies may flow in to me and mine flow out to those which whom I’m in contact.

The swirling happens a second time and a second crystal of my choosing surrounds me.  This one is surrounding the first one as a double layer of protection.  Again, it’s open both above and below.  No negative energies can penetrate this defense.

Finally a third swirling occurs and I’m surrounded by another crystal of my choosing.  This one is around both the other two and is also open above and blow.  No negative energies may penetrate this barrier and all my positive energies may still radiate outward to those around me.

At first it could take a good 15-20 minutes for this to take hold in my mind.  But over time, it is now a very quick process to create that barrier.  And it works like a champ.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.