Monthly Energetic Practice Question:

“Can Reiki be given to someone going through chemotherapy?  Will it interfere with the chemicals?”   from N. T.

That’s an excellent questions and the answer is a resounding Yes.  Reiki can absolutely be given to someone who is going through chemotherapy. The flow of healing energy cannot interfere with the therapy process nor the drugs involved.  Remember that Reiki cannot cause harm in any way.

I highly recommend Reiki for chemotherapy patients.  Often chemotherapy causes unpleasant side effects that can include hair loss, nausea, muscle pain and anxiety.  Reiki can help to sooth these side effects.  It can help lower blood pressure and calm a person, reducing stress and anxiety.  It can also ease symptoms of nausea and discomfort.  It can even reduce aches or muscular pain.

When a chemotherapy patient is relaxed and soothed by the gentle, loving energy of Reiki, their bodies are more accepting to the healing qualities not only of the energy but of their medical treatment.