MJ BriggerThe Way of the Wise Woman is the sacred passage of ageless time that guides a woman through the journey of her  Wisdom Years. These are the years of The Wise Woman, as the passage of time increases a woman’s ageless wisdom with a deeper awareness and personal truth regarding her relevancy, presence, visibility, spirituality, intuition, voice and beauty.


The Wise Woman intuitively knows that it is not the process of time that defines her, but the ageless degrees of wisdom learned, earned and accrued through personal life experiences of joy and sorrow.

A Sacred Time of Increased Conscious Awareness

I developed The Way of the Wise Woman to empower women on how to embrace their wisdom years as a sacred time of increased conscious awareness in pursuit of ageless personal authenticity, purpose and well being. Many women see their wisdom years as an opportunity to become leaders and changemakers within their chosen field to create the change they wish to see in the world. Yet the Wise Woman intuitively knows that to become positive leaders and changemakers within the world or one’s personal environment, they must first become leaders and changemakers on a deeper, more sacred level within themselves.

The Way of the Wise Woman 3 Step Sacred Empowerment System

Career Path Success new program, The Way of the Wise Woman, recognizes that in order to create personal change and transformation, we must first address Who Am I on deeper levels of self and spirituality with greater awareness of our intuition.


We achieve this through our Way of the Wise Woman  3 Step Sacred Empowerment System which is the core of all our transformative services. These 3 Core Sacred Empowerment Steps are:

  1. Merge - Discovering, Recognizing and Aligning to your Highest Power, which we call your Inner Wise Woman.
  2. Know - As you align with your Inner Wise Woman, you develop a deeper awareness of your intuition, your wise Inner Knowing as the powerhouse within you that drives increased self-confidence, clear decision making, and trusted personal guidance.
  3. BE - As you merge with your Inner Wise Woman, you begin to Know and recognize the power of your intuition which leads to BEcoming an empowered Ageless Wise Woman.

A Movement To Empower Ageless Women of Wisdom

We are moving through an evolution of spirit as consciousness is rising with the awakening of the sacred feminine energy. This awakening is creating an awareness that the suppression of women is no longer tolerated as they seek to break outdated paradigms of what women should be.

Ageless women of wisdom is a movement to empower women to awaken and take back their powerful gifts of sacred feminity that encourages community, peace, healing, nurturing, intuition and love. Ageless women of wisdom do not seek to dominate but to bring harmony through balance with the divine masculine. Ageless wisdom states once we bring these divine energies into balance we enter a time of peace within ourselves and globally.

Just Ask A Woman

And as the old saying goes, if you need something done, just ask a woman. In this case, just ask an ageless woman of wisdom, for she is rising to the occasion to balance the energies, no longer invisible or irrelevant, but powerful in the spirit of her presence and voice. The ageless wise woman rides in on the winds of transformational change and not the traditional white horse to save the day. And with the voice of our ageless wisdom, we powerfully shout,“ Giddyup!”  

I am Mary Jane Brigger, Woman’s Sacred Empowerment, and Intuition Development Consultant, Ageless Wise Woman and Owner of Career Path Success, LLC, I have over 35 years of corporate, small business, career building, spiritual guidance and personal transformation experience to address women's specific mind, body and spiritual needs.


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