“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” Click to Tweet

~Ralph Waldo Emerson? Henry David Thoreau? Henry Stanley Haskins?

ChiChiRiveraThumbThis quote has been attributed to many different people over the years and if you do a search for it, you will find conflict regarding the origins. I have a theory about this sort of situation, let me share this with you now. I believe in a collective consciousness.

in us copyI believe that ideas often come from a larger place outside of our minds, to which our spirit connects. Call this collective consciousness, a muse, angels, God, organized intelligence, call it anything you like. I would like to insinuate that there exists a larger energetic thought form than our individual brains. I would like to further hypothesize that somewhere out “there” are also particles and ideas that are simply genius, floating around, waiting to be tapped into. That being said, we can often tap into these genius thoughts by allowing them to touch us randomly, or by creating a serene platform inside that may allow them to be cast upon us in some heavenly inspired moment.

Perhaps like a broadcast from some genius radio station somewhere out “there”.  My hypothesis is that perhaps if we go within, we can create a space for the magical to alight within us.

Now, on to the quote. Ask yourself what worrying yourself about the past or the future can bring you in this moment? I would say; the inability to focus on the gift that this “present” moment has to offer. Did you ever ask yourself why we call this moment the “present”? I read somewhere it is called the present because it is A present. A gift that will never come again. If in every moment lies the great potential of a gift, are you open to receive it?? If the universe has a gift for you this moment, and you are so busy worrying about tomorrow, that you cannot receive the genius that may be buried within the “present”?

 I implore you, dear reader to cultivate an inner experience of serenity such that the mystical can alight within YOU. Meditation, even in minor increments would go so far to help you achieve that inner sense of serenity. If you need help, look for a meditation class, or join a meet-up group or use YouTube.

In Love and Light,

Rev. Marjorie Rivera Kain

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