“When you hold on to your history you do it at the expense of your destiny.” – TD Jakes


ChiChiRiveraThis quote really made me stop and think for a moment! Watching people, I notice patterns, and I have to say, we are often so focused on our own past experiences, hurts, regrets and failures. I understand this tendency, because come on, what else do we draw from? However, the more we think about our pasts, the more we dwell there. Spending time in our memories does not allow us to move forward in the business of life (making new experiences).

Making new experiences is the juicy mindset of the adventurer. Don’t you want to be an adventurer? If you cling on to the past, you could prevent yourself from being open to receive new experiences. If your cup is already full, nothing new can fit. Let go of yesterday to make more room. If you want to know some good ways to be open, here are some suggestions: Watch your thoughts, attitude and behaviour. You are the only one who can control them. You can train your mind to be in the moment, by merely focusing on your breath. Seriously, listening to your breath is a wonderful way to get you out of your head and into the present moment. Go for a quick walk outside. Wonder at a cloud or a leaf or a bird, share your gratitude of nature’s wonders. Gratitude works almost instantaneously to bring you into the moment.

{tweetme}Allow your destiny to unravel by being open to what the Universe is presenting to you right now! If you take the time to notice the signs, life becomes a magical adventure, and you hold the compass.{/tweetme}


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