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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi

Reiki is much more than just a hands-on healing technique; it is a tool for spiritual growth and enhancing the quality of life.  Join us and allow your natural gifts to blossom.  Learn this effective method for relieving stress and anxiety, reduce pain and promote healing in yourself, in others and for our world.  

Become a Certified Reiki Facilitator.  All levels of Reiki training are taught; Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III Master/Teacher Level.


**All Materials Included in class fees**
We're taking you further than any other classes.


Studying Reiki is an excellent opportunity to learn how to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Replenish your energy
  • Restore inner peace and vitality
  • Empower the body to better heal itself
  • Promote spiritual growth

The structure for all classes will be discussion and hands-on.  In each class you will learn:

Level I (one-day course):

The basics and background of Reiki
Learn about Auras
Learn about the 7 Major Chakras
Hand positions for self-Reiki
Hand positions for providing Reiki to others
The symbols involved with each level 
The many uses for Reiki
And more

At the end of the first class you will be a Certified Reiki Facilitator

Level II (two-day course):


Learn the basics of Reiki II and then go beyond the standard teachings.
Distance Reiki
Animal Reiki
Reiki with Crystals
Spiritual communication (are you clairvoyant? clairaudient? etc.)
The proper ways of disposing of negative energies
The symbols of Reiki II
Reiki with children
How to see and interpret Auras
Cleansing chakras
Pendulum usage
Charging/Recharging crystals
Crystal grids
And much more!

Level III Master/Teacher (one-day course):


Learn the basics of Reiki III and go beyond the standard teachings.
The symbols of Reiki III
How to pass attunements
Learn of the Ho’oponopono
Maintaining your body’s clear conduit for Reiki
Clear Health daily practices
The process of Illumination
Clearing traumas of the past

And much, much more!

Learn from Reiki Master/Teacher Rev. Joe Thornton, who will share the history and practicality of Reiki in a warm, comfortable and safe environment.  Joe has worked with multiple teachers and has studied multiple energetic healing modalities including Shamanic medicine.

Joe teaches from the training manual he’s written which includes not only the history and how-to practicality of Reiki but lessons learned from additional studies as well as practical experience.  He will take you on a journey through Reiki and beyond.

Offered throughout the year - Contact Great Conjunction to schedule

JohnThorntonAll of Life is energy.  At the center of your being is an energetic connection to the wisdom and spiritual knowledge you need to navigate the obstacles on your life path so you can lead the joyful and prosperous life you are meant to live.  

As an intuitive and energetic sensitive, Rev. John Michael Thornton can help you navigate the murky waters you may currently be facing with intuitive insight and spiritual know-how. An intuitive guidance psychic reading can help you re-establish a connection to your deeper self and retrieve wisdom that may not be clearly presenting itself.


Intuitive Guidance Psychic Readings are available in person and over the phone.  Upon request, readings may be recorded.

Half Session -  25-30 minutes = $50
Full Session -   45-60 minutes = $85

A portion of the session fee is donated to Great Conjunction Spiritual Center

Book Online or Call 330-519-6558 to Schedule - Payment due when booking.


Rev. John Michael Thornton is a psychic, teacher, and the co-founder of Great Conjunction, nonprofit dedicated to bringing together differing philosophies and spiritual practices for the purpose of education, understanding and common ground. He is the author of Grounding, Forgiveness & Gratitude ~ Three Guided Meditations to Heal your Soul as well as guided meditation CDs and ebooks. John has lectured for Mindful Ohio, Lily Dale Assembly, and the A.R.E. His energetic and charismatic style make him a popular teacher and lecturer throughout the Northeast.
Rev. John’s readings Explore past, present and future, and look over all aspects of your life.  Readings usually begin with an overview of spiritual and physical health, what ever information Spirit is considering most important right now. If you have any particular issues you know you want to focus on, you may want to bring them up early in the reading.  It can also be helpful to bring a list of questions. Readings are not recorded, but you may record them if you wish.

Read More about Rev. John

Many of our Lecturers and Workshop Leaders offer readings before or after their presentations, check the Events Calendar for dates and times.

Great Conjunction offers full wedding Officiant services including non-denominational, on location, short notice and full length traditional vow ceremonies. 

We understand that you want a wedding ceremony that is as unique and special as you are – we are here to help.  Our ministers will work with you to craft the perfect ceremony that reflects your love and beliefs, providing sample wedding ceremonies, readings and vows, helping you with all the details of your ceremony and filing your paperwork quickly and efficiently.

We offer full-service and mobile wedding officiant service, specializing in completely custom ceremonies, theme weddings and non-traditional locations. We strive for excellence so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

We are spiritual, accepting and welcoming of all faiths and sexual orientations.  Love is Love!

Located in Youngstown and serving Northeast Ohio.

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