Many of you and the pleasure of meeting Felicia Weinstein at a Great Conjunction Psychic Fair or at a lecture or workshop.  Maybe you got a reading, learned something new, or shared a laugh and a smile.  She was a big presence, hard to miss... but why would you want to?  


Joe and I first met Felicia at a psychic fair almost ten years ago.  At first we were all trying to be professional, spiritual type people, but it didn’t take long for her wicked humor and sharp tongue to peek out.  I knew we were all going to be friends when she said, “Well this fair sucks. Why are we here?”  Obviously we were there to meet Felicia and take clandestine pictures of the hypnotist sleeping in his booth.

FeliciaIt was a pleasure and honor to work and teach with Felicia.  She was generous, funny, trustworthy, and smart.  She was a kind teacher, but quite willing to tell you when she thought you were being dense or purposefully obtuse.  In those moments she would flip from spiritual teacher to sarcastic smartass in seconds, and it was a joy to behold.

I am forever grateful for the kindness she showed me when I melted down at a fair and my spirit guides told me in no uncertain terms to go see Felicia.  I didn’t feel judged, only supported and seen.

Felicia Ann Weinstein, 61, passed in late December 2022.