Many of you and the pleasure of meeting Felicia Weinstein at a Great Conjunction Psychic Fair or at a lecture or workshop.  Maybe you got a reading, learned something new, or shared a laugh and a smile.  She was a big presence, hard to miss... but why would you want to?  


Joe and I first met Felicia at a psychic fair almost ten years ago.  At first we were all trying to be professional, spiritual type people, but it didn’t take long for her wicked humor and sharp tongue to peek out.  I knew we were all going to be friends when she said, “Well this fair sucks. Why are we here?”  Obviously we were there to meet Felicia and take clandestine pictures of the hypnotist sleeping in his booth.

FeliciaIt was a pleasure and honor to work and teach with Felicia.  She was generous, funny, trustworthy, and smart.  She was a kind teacher, but quite willing to tell you when she thought you were being dense or purposefully obtuse.  In those moments she would flip from spiritual teacher to sarcastic smartass in seconds, and it was a joy to behold.

I am forever grateful for the kindness she showed me when I melted down at a fair and my spirit guides told me in no uncertain terms to go see Felicia.  I didn’t feel judged, only supported and seen.

Felicia Ann Weinstein, 61, passed in late December 2022.

On January 21st, 2020, one of my dearest friends transitioned and left this plane.  My heart is still aching.  “Ingy” Ingersoll was a full-time musician and NE Ohio celebrity.  You may have seen and heard her perform at Playhouse Square or at an upscale restaurant while you dined.  You may have even sung with her at her Piano Bar.  Ingy was closer to me than most of my family; she was family to me.  

Deborah "Ingy" Ingersoll and  Great Conjunction Co Founder Joe Thornton in 2008Members of Ingy’s family, friends and Great Conjunction are working together to create a scholarship in her name to help students studying music.  We would be thrilled if you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution.  If you’d like to participate, there is a tab for donations on the Great Conjunction website.  More information about the scholarship will be forthcoming.

I was extremely honored that a tribute I wrote for Ingy was read at her memorial service.  I would like to share it with you now.

The world is now a little dimmer and a little quieter.

There truly are angels among us and last night we lost a precious one. Deborah "Ingy" Ingersoll.

Mere words cannot accurately or adequately describe her. Ingy was incredibly talented but her heart was the most special aspect to her. She truly loved everyone and she loved unconditionally. And she lived Joy to the fullest.

When Ingy hugged you, you felt her unconditional love. When she smiled at you your heart would soar. When she laughed, you truly knew joy.

Through her joy of life and loving, and through her music, she created a community populated by people from all walks of life, every age, interest and background. We were all like satellites orbiting her sun. Deep, loving and lasting friendships were forged in the heat of her love and kindness. 

Deborah "Ingy" Ingersoll and Great Conjunction Co Founder Joe Thornton in 2019 at Ingy's Piano BarIngy touched my life in many profound ways. Simply having her in my life made me want to be a better person. She blessed me with her friendship and she became an important part of my family. She was always there to share my pains and my triumphs. Ingy even played an integral part in my wedding. 

Now this angel has gone. And for those of us whose lives were blessed by Ingy, we must always love with abandon, laugh with vigor and sing. Just keep singing.

I am honored and so grateful that my heart is broken. To be in Ingy's heart, her life, was a gift beyond compare. 

Good journey to you Ingy and from the bottom of my heart I thank you. I love you, my friend, my songbird.

Monday morning our beloved dog Dart passed away at home.  Joe and I were with him and he was held and loved as he passed, he had been with us twelve and a half years.FirstpicofDart

It was a dark and stormy night when I found Dart lying huddled in the rain next to my driveway. The headlights from the car illuminating a skinny, wet dog with big brown eyes and floppy ears.  I did not want a dog, but I dried him off and gave him some fresh water and a place to sleep on the porch resolving to find his owners in the morning. Dartinthesnow

He was full grown when his showed up with a blue collar and no tags.  I started asking the neighbors and my dog loving mail carrier, Mary, checked her whole route, trying to find his owners.  When I would tell him, “Go home!” he would just look at me.  After a few days of him living on my porch, not inside because I did not want (and could not afford) a dog, Mary said, “I think you have a dog, you should get him to a vet.”

My parents and my friend Sherry helped me out with a few bucks for the Vet and suddenly I had a dog, a very quick dog, who happily responded to Dart – Dartanian when I was feeling pretentious.JohnandDart

He wasn’t very well trained at first, but he learned fast, except he kept peeing on the potted tree in my bedroom.  So one day I hid in the closet so I could jump out and catch him in the act.  He never peed in the house again.GlowingEyes

I quickly came to believe Dart was sent to me to be my protector, maybe my familiar, but he was definitely a faerie dog.  The strange spirits that would float through the neighborhood dispersed when he was around, nervous clients quickly calmed and the groundhogs stayed out of the garden. He even helped a few friends who were afraid of dogs, especially big dogs, past their fears.  It was rare for him to dislike someone, but I always listened when he did.ThorntonFamilyChristmas

Over the last few years he started slowing down, but he could still disappear when he wanted to, and he still tried to patrol the boundaries of the yard.  Around Christmas we started carrying him up and down the stairs as he grew weaker, unless he darted around us and got to the stairs first.

Monday morning he was gone. He was my first dog and the very best Dart in the world.




otterman07cut 01We would like to take a moment to remember Robert (Bob) J. Otterman. He was a dedicated teacher, public servant and statesman who's dedication to helping make this a better, more progressive state was an inspiration. A number of local newspapers wrote lovely tributes to him, but the one on Ohio.comis special because they show a picture of Bob with his wife Barbara (Joe's aunt).
Thank you for all your hard work, you will be missed.