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by Rev. Tamera Crosby we are again with a new month. Whew...the summer went by so fast but I can't say that I am sorry because it has been an interesting and enlightening time but one I am glad to left move into the past.

Are we ready for the new levels and lessons coming to us? Probably not...but they are there and they are starting.

We are all needing to move up a level...stepping forward and not back...though for those of us who have a tenancy to cling to the comfortable and live in the past...this may be a difficult thing to do, causing more problems and delays about getting to the space/place we currently need to be.

We truly are our own worst enemies.

BUT...with some focus and a lot of releasing of pre-conceived notions and ideas and expectations...we just might make it through these changes together. With the aid of the crystal/ stone realms and with the help of Mother Nature...(is she doing a cleansing job or what?)...we just might be able to make the transitions and transformations a bit easier. You know...go with the flow and trust your intuition...listen to the voices of teh Earth as well and become a part of their energies as well as the Spiritual energies which are magnifying at this time.

Also...when in doubt...ask. Ask not just others in this physical realm but also ask your Guides, Angels and most importantly, God (in whatever form or with whatever name you call Him/Her/Them... They are all from the same energy force as long as you call from the Light and the Love of the Universe.)

Enough of the preliminary intro and on to the stones of the month. As I have said before, the various lists I am pulling these gemstones from may have overlapping stones from month to month...which is OK. I have also encouraged everyone to not necessarily use just the lists for choosing a special stone for yourself or for others but to go with the energy of the stone you are most drawn to...what attracts you the most?...does it feel good to you?...if choosing for another...keep them in mind and go with what you feel there as well.

Regardless of what the books and lists say the particular stone/crystal you are attracted to says it is is what you need at that particular time or will be needing at some point in the future. All crystals and stones are individuals and may be asked to work in many different ways for you...remember...just ask. Sit with your stone or crystal and let it know what you need help with at this time and, if you are open enough and connected enough to will help you, guide you, and clear that which is no longer needed out of the way.

Sapphire Voda ShaqenSapphire (Blue)--One of the hardest gemstones short of a Diamond. A royalty stone. Works with Throat Chakra to help open communications and bring in clarity. Calming and soothing...tranquil beauty. Assists with allover healing and brings strength to the wearer.



CC BY-SA 3.0, month it would focus more on the Blue Tourmaline which is also called Indicolite than the other colors but they all may be considered as a good stone for this month.) Activates the throat chakra as well as the Third Eye, aiding and strengthening communications and openness of the Third Eye. Helps bring in harmony and helps clarify/increase visions. Works to help disorders of the lungs, throat area, thymus & thyroid.


Public Domain, Lazuli--Highly intuitive stone. Used for gentle opening of the Third Eye chakra point. Meditate with a piece over the Third Eye for the best results. Also protective...helps keep the wearer from picking up other people's "junk", especially good for keeping 'psychic vampires' from draining energies. Calming energies as well as opening up communications, both Spiritually and physically. Known as a 'stone of total awareness', Lapis helps with the connection between the earth plane and heaven. Good to help with dream time. Once used by the Egyptians for anything from seals to cosmetics and figurines to vases. The deepest colors come from Afghanistan and feature more pyrite than from other localities. Helps to overcome depression and brings about calming and good cheer to the user. Said to work with the throat for healing as well as bone marrow, thymus, and immune system. Helps with insomnia, vertigo, and dizziness. Also works to improve/heal in the ear area.

By Mauro Cateb - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, (Blue)--This crystal will work with the throat chakra, helping to verbalize with clarity things that need to be said which may have been repressed before this time. It aids in the unburdening of destructive aspects such as arrogance and out-of-control passions. It also assists in bringing the Body-Mind-Spirit into a smoother union with the energies of the Universe.


Tamera Crosby is in incredibly talented artist and gem and stone expert.  She appears regularly at Great Conjunction Expos and can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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