In this short video on Rose Quartz Donna shares some uses for this energetic stone. Donna Bell is a Reiki Master and Energetic Wellness Practitioner and a regular contributor to Great Conjunction Events. You can find out more about her at​

Good morning, everybody. This is Donna and I just wanted to take you on a quick tour of a Rose quartz garden. These beautiful pink stones are natural to the earth. They're very plentiful the world over, even in the United States. Rose quartz is known as being a stone of unconditional love, meaning it teaches you to love yourself and also to love others.

It comes in varying shades and hues of a very soft pink. And that's what a lot of people find very soothing about it is it's gentle color and it's very gentle energy. And these times we could use just a little softness, a little soothing and a little unconditional love. It helps us to remind ourselves that we are divine beings.

We are always loved and we are never alone. This stone, in addition to being very good for unconditional love lessons is also great in times of trauma and crisis. A simple way to work with this is to just pick a stone that you're drawn to and place it in your hand and just sit with it and breathe just for a couple of seconds.

You'll feel the stones energy begin to connect with you. And it will radiate, outward that soothing, loving, and gentle energy. So, if you do not have a Rose quartz, please feel free to watch this video and soak up the joy, the love, the peace, the calm, and the soothing energy.

Have a great day.