Great Conjunction welcomes Donna Bell! Donna is a regular at our Psychic Fairs and is always generous with her knowledge and talents. In this short video on Fluorite Donna shares some uses for this energetic stone. You can Read the full transcript at below.


Donna Bell is a Reiki Master and Energetic Wellness Practitioner. You can find out more about her at‚Äč



So these are just a few examples of Fluorite. And I have much more of it, but it's just not available right now. I use Fluorite a lot in crystal grid work that I do. And grids are ways to hold energy for an intention so that you are not there holding the intention yourself. And fluorite is a master at this, which is why I have so much of it elsewhere.
So what I'm showing here are examples of, and talked about it and look what it did. This is a fluorite wand.

Here's the fluorite sphere.

Now fluorite is a real workhorse of the crystal and gem family. And we call it nature's ice cube and we use it a great deal in crystal healing work to help bring down the body temperature helps to destress people, even just the soothing color. And this is the green. And that's very soothing on its own.

This is a piece of clear fluorite. All fluorite is very protective and fluorite says, I work to bring you out of chaos. I work with systems and I work to bring about organization and balance. So if you're working on something that deals with, let's say. One of the prime examples for fluorite is you're working to achieve your ideal physicality.

Fluorite is the perfect stone to meditate with it and let it help support you in your goals for your perfect physical shape. Fluorite is also excellent if you are working on any type of projects that require a lot of mental work, as fluorite loves to help your brain to balance, making each side work - each side of your hemispheres of your brain - work in cooperation with each other so that you are stable, balanced, and you are much more clear in your intention, which brings about a more focused energy, which brings about a much smoother project and goal result.

Fluorite is easily made into beads, and shapes so that it can be used in jewelry. And I always encourage people. If you are having a stressful moment to carry a piece of fluorite with you for a few days.

All right. Well, I hope that you enjoy this video and that you learned a little bit more about fluorite.
Talk to you soon. Have a great night. Bye-bye.