In this short video on Rose Quartz Donna shares some uses for this energetic stone. Donna Bell is a Reiki Master and Energetic Wellness Practitioner and a regular contributor to Great Conjunction Events. You can find out more about her at​

Good morning, everybody. This is Donna and I just wanted to take you on a quick tour of a Rose quartz garden. These beautiful pink stones are natural to the earth. They're very plentiful the world over, even in the United States. Rose quartz is known as being a stone of unconditional love, meaning it teaches you to love yourself and also to love others.

It comes in varying shades and hues of a very soft pink. And that's what a lot of people find very soothing about it is it's gentle color and it's very gentle energy. And these times we could use just a little softness, a little soothing and a little unconditional love. It helps us to remind ourselves that we are divine beings.

We are always loved and we are never alone. This stone, in addition to being very good for unconditional love lessons is also great in times of trauma and crisis. A simple way to work with this is to just pick a stone that you're drawn to and place it in your hand and just sit with it and breathe just for a couple of seconds.

You'll feel the stones energy begin to connect with you. And it will radiate, outward that soothing, loving, and gentle energy. So, if you do not have a Rose quartz, please feel free to watch this video and soak up the joy, the love, the peace, the calm, and the soothing energy.

Have a great day.

Great Conjunction welcomes Donna Bell! Donna is a regular at our Psychic Fairs and is always generous with her knowledge and talents. In this short video on Fluorite Donna shares some uses for this energetic stone. You can Read the full transcript at below.


Donna Bell is a Reiki Master and Energetic Wellness Practitioner. You can find out more about her at



So these are just a few examples of Fluorite. And I have much more of it, but it's just not available right now. I use Fluorite a lot in crystal grid work that I do. And grids are ways to hold energy for an intention so that you are not there holding the intention yourself. And fluorite is a master at this, which is why I have so much of it elsewhere.
So what I'm showing here are examples of, and talked about it and look what it did. This is a fluorite wand.

Here's the fluorite sphere.

Now fluorite is a real workhorse of the crystal and gem family. And we call it nature's ice cube and we use it a great deal in crystal healing work to help bring down the body temperature helps to destress people, even just the soothing color. And this is the green. And that's very soothing on its own.

This is a piece of clear fluorite. All fluorite is very protective and fluorite says, I work to bring you out of chaos. I work with systems and I work to bring about organization and balance. So if you're working on something that deals with, let's say. One of the prime examples for fluorite is you're working to achieve your ideal physicality.

Fluorite is the perfect stone to meditate with it and let it help support you in your goals for your perfect physical shape. Fluorite is also excellent if you are working on any type of projects that require a lot of mental work, as fluorite loves to help your brain to balance, making each side work - each side of your hemispheres of your brain - work in cooperation with each other so that you are stable, balanced, and you are much more clear in your intention, which brings about a more focused energy, which brings about a much smoother project and goal result.

Fluorite is easily made into beads, and shapes so that it can be used in jewelry. And I always encourage people. If you are having a stressful moment to carry a piece of fluorite with you for a few days.

All right. Well, I hope that you enjoy this video and that you learned a little bit more about fluorite.
Talk to you soon. Have a great night. Bye-bye.

by Tamera Crosby


Each of the stones listed for the month of April above have appeared on some list for birthstones or the zodiac gemstones at one time or another…(see listings under Birthstones and Zodiac stones elsewhere in blog). A few are a crossover from Aries into Taurus because the month is split and I wanted to address all of the stones associated with the month of April.

Next will be some definitions, uses, and possible gemstone lore for each of the stones above. There are probably other pages with the definition listings and uses for some of these stones throughout my blog pages but I will add them here for the convenience of viewing.



BloodstoneBLOODSTONE -- Bloodstone is a form of Jasper. It is normally a mid to deep green with blood red specks or splatters throughout the stone and may even have streaks of ochre included. Bloodstone is a good balancer and is said to help with problems concerning the blood and the liver…(thus the colors of red and ochre with the green as the healing center). It is also said to help with stopping bleeding and is generally good for a whole body cleansing. A friend and mentor of mine always has his clients tape a bloodstone cabochon to their lower back for back pain/problems with a pretty good success rate last I had checked. This isn't to replace traditional medical treatments, it is just to help keep one going until treatment is available…(none of the suggested stone healing usages are to be used alone but in conjunction with traditional methods to help speed them along). Emotionally, Bloodstone is said to help one deal with and remove old anger. One slight warning on this part…I have a friend who stays away from carrying bloodstone because it tends to intensify her anger and even mood swings at inappropriate times…perhaps this is the way it helps one face and deal with that old anger, by bringing it to the surface to be faced and conquered. Gemstone lore associated with the Bloodstone is that the red speckles or splatters throughout the stone are drops of blood from Jesus Christ as He was being crucified.


FireOpalFIRE OPAL -- There are many types of Opal. All are good for emotional healing and helping one to look within. The Fire Opal is often listed as a Mexican Fire Opal and contains a brilliant fiery array of red, yellows, greens and oranges within a brownish stone. It consists of many layers within the stone and when polished, the entire fire can be lost by just a touch too much polishing. It is mostly a fragile stone because of the thin layers which is what prompted the lore about it being 'bad luck' to wear the opal if it wasn't your birthstone. It generally needs moisture to keep it from drying out and works very well with the oils from wearing close to the body…very similar to pearls being enhanced by wearing on the skin. Most of the fiery specimens used in jewelry today are called doublets or triplets which means they are layered between or under another stone, usually quartz for over the top and sometimes onyx beneath it, especially if they want a black background to bring out a certain color within the opal. This makes them more stable as a triplet and less likely to crack if dried out. Some opals do have the color without as much instability and the Mexican Fire Opal one of them.



JasperJASPER -- Jaspers come in many different colors and patterns, each with their own specific traits and areas of healing. Most are very protective and will work with their corresponding chakra by the color. A particular jasper sacred to the Native American Indians is the Red Jasper. Bloodstone is a form of Jasper. The Jaspers, besides protection help with the recalibration and balancing of the chakras as well as healing. With the Jaspers, use your own intuition as to which is right for you or which is needed at any particular time. Said to strengthen the liver, gallbladder, and bladder. Powerful healer with the main impact on the physical body. Represents the earth elements.


Tamera Crosby is in incredibly talented artist and gem and stone expert.  She appears regularly at Great Conjunction Expos and can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Whew! Talk about time passing quickly, the year is fast coming to an end. and I really only have a few more monthly gemstone lists, but, never fear!!! I will continue to write view points and information, tips and ideas, about working with, using and caring for crystals. I will also start going more into the lore of special stones when they are presented to me. I will never quite know what I’ll be writing about until the time comes, so please keep checking the blog and the articles for this site for insights, information, and more.

On to the monthly gemstones, which, by the way, may seem a bit short this month but the consensus of all of the lists I have found seem to agree with the Golden Topaz as the major stone for this month. The remaining stones are good alternatives if you can’t find a Golden Topaz which speaks to you (or that you can afford! The gemmy ones seems to be a bit on the pricey side.).

As always, these lists are for general purposes only and you should always go with the stone or crystal which attracts you, rather than the ones on any list. (Including these lists.) Even if the definition/energies seem to be what you are looking for, if the stone or crystal does not FEEL right to you, chances are it is not what you currently need for what you are going through. If one attracts you and seems to vibrate to you, you can always ask it to help with whatever problem you wish. That is all any of the stones and crystals want, TO BE ASKED.


By Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, (GOLDEN)--The Topaz is considered to be a ’stone of true love and success in all endeavors’. It uses the basic ’laws of attraction and manifestation’ so be sure you are careful for what you wish, you just might get it. Additionally, the Golden Topaz is a connection to Universal energies for finding ones life path, holding information, energy, thoughts and love. It works with the first three chakra points to align them with the Crown chakra to bring forth faith and further enhance the enlightened state. Good for business and friendships. Remember to use the energies of this stone in an unselfish manner because it is a stone of love and true love should be unconditional.


Citrin cutCITRINE--A crystal of joy, sunshine and hope, this crystal is one of the few which does not need much by way of cleansing. In fact, it is often suggested to have a Citrine crystal in with tarot cards to help cleanse them after readings and energize them with positive vibrations. It is said to aid with the stomach (it does work with the 3rd chakra point). It also helps with balancing ones personal power for better health and wealth. It is said to be a merchant’s stone and having one in the cash drawer is suppose to help draw in business.


9135 Milano Museo storia naturale Malachite Foto Giovanni DallOrto 22 Apr 2007MALACHITE--One of the tireless healing stones…almost like the aspirin of the stone world…very good for all areas of healing. It should be smudge cleansed after deliberate healing usage due to it’s slightly soft nature. A quick rinse with water is fine but be sure not to let it soak. It has a copper content which is a high conductor of energy.


640px Snowflake Obsidian441OBSIDIAN-- This is nature’s glass, formed from the heat and pressures of volcanic energies. There are several forms of Obsidian from Mahogany to Snowflake, from Rainbow to Apache Tears and Black Obsidian. When shaping this particular stone, one can get the edge so fine that it rivals the finest scalpel man can make. That is one reason, Obsidian, as a whole, is a very protective stone. Carrying or wearing it or even having it in the home, aids with protection and is especially useful in ones vehicle for travel. It also helps to dispel negativity and is very grounding. Other varieties will have additional properties, including promise, joy, aid with grief and compassion.

Tamera Crosby is in incredibly talented artist and gem and stone expert.  She appears regularly at Great Conjunction Expos and can be contacted at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Welcome to everyone!!!

Wow…the year is going by so fast…is it age or is it the quickening of the total consciousness? Whatever one believes, doesn’t really matter…it is truly a matter of perspective.

And on with the October Gemstones list….

Tourmaline 40354Pink Tourmaline--Connects to creativity, new ideas, maintaining the connection between the self and “All That Is”. Works with the Crown Chakra and the Heart Chakra to combine both Spirituality with Love. It allows one to trust in the power of love, elevating the feelings of joy for life by releasing negativity. It is a special stone to give to one you hope loves you or will come to love you.


Turquoise polie 1 USATurquoise--This is a great stone for empowerment and the Throat Chakra. It is a stone honored by those of Native American origin/descent or those who have had past lives in that role. It is also one of those stones which is often imitated by dying other stones to the color needed…particularly Howlite. It is a relatively soft stone and also needs some stabilization at times. Aids with increasing communication as well as elevating all chakra energies to a higher level. Good for increasing the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world. This is also a protective stone.


Jasper--Traditional protective stone, especially the red Jasper. There are a large number of types of Jasper...too many to go into in this article. Most Jaspers seem to work with the lower three Chakra points which are those of survival, energy, grounding and protection. Some will also work with the Heart but the Heart chakra is the bridge between the Earth/Physical Chakra points and the Spiritual Chakra points so that is to be expected. 


Azurite Malachite 222366

Malachite--One of the tireless healing stones…almost like the aspirin of the stone world…very good for all areas of healing. It should be smudge cleansed after deliberate healing usage due to it’s slightly soft nature. A quick rinse with water is fine but be sure not to let it soak. It has a copper content which is a high conductor of energy.


Tamera Crosby is in incredibly talented artist and gem and stone expert.  She appears regularly at Great Conjunction Expos and can be contacted at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.