I certainly won’t even begin to speak for you and I won’t even try to speak for John, but 2020 has been one mean year and I’m glad it’s almost over!JoeBrace

I know that I have been incredibly fortunate while others have had things much worse than I, but it’s been a pretty tough year.  Still just speaking for myself, my year began with learning I’d have to have spinal surgery immediately followed by the death of a very dear friend then segued into a global pandemic in full self-quarantine mode.  I eventually had my surgery, leaving me essentially incapacitated for half a year.  

All in all, I’ve tried to rise to every challenge thrown at me and even tried to learn lessons along the way.  There have been times this year I know I succeeded, but there have been occasions where I let things get the best of me.  But I'm still here and I’m ready to begin again.  

I know we’re all, essentially, been in the same boat; time to leave all this behind and head toward a better future.  To help us do that, we’ve asked a member of the Great Conjunction family to guide us all in a two-part workshop beginning this Tuesday, December 8th.

IMG 5481Victoria Price will help us to examine and take stock of 2020 in the first part of this workshop called “A Box Full Of Darkness: Reconcile & Release 2020”.  Together in this workshop through journaling, guided visualization, and simple rituals, we’ll open our boxes full of darkness and consciously, and with commitment, prepare to move toward the light. 

Victoria, if you recall, is not only the daughter of Hollywood legend Vincent Price, but is an interspiritual/interfaith minister, author, and motivational speaker.  Victoria is the perfect person to guide us through this experience.

The second half of the workshop will take place on January 19th entitled “Everything Is Waiting For You: Welcome A New Year With Intention”.  

The entire two-part workshop is $32.  To attend the complete workshop, sign-up here:  https://greatconjunction.org/events/eventdetail/124/-/a-box-full-of-darkness-reconcile-release-2020-part-1-with-victoria-price

If you wish to attend only the second half held in January, please sign-up here:  https://greatconjunction.org/events/eventdetail/125/-/everything-is-waiting-for-you-welcome-a-new-year-with-intention-part-2-with-victoria-price

I hope you can join us for a cathartic and educational workshop.

I, for one, am ready to move forward.