It’s been one heck of a year, hasn’t it?  We’ve experienced lock-down and self-isolation, a global pandemic, an embittered presidential election campaign, had to learn new ways to stay in touch, to communicate, and even new ways to work.  And here at home, spinal surgery and a long, somewhat arduous recovery process.  It’s been an emotionally taxing and even physically exhausting year for us all.

Our presidential election process has finally come to a close.  And we have made history in two important ways.  More people voted in this election than ever before (bravo and good for you!) and we’ve elected our first woman (of color) into the vice presidency.  

JoeJohnWe need to take a moment to think and to follow the lead of our new president-elect and realize that this is now a time to heal.  We need to heal as a nation, as a brotherhood, and as a planet.  We must all do our part to be compassionate, loving, and live with open hearts.  We are all one.  Not just one nation, but one world, one people.  We need to lift each other up and realize that by doing so, we all can rise up and we can succeed.

When founding Great Conjunction Spiritual Center, we decided to make it part of our mission to try and raise the vibrational level and help everyone to grow.  To achieve that goal, we offer a variety of avenues to learn and expand our personal horizons.  We have three such events coming up that we’re really excited about and each of them are lead by returning members of our Great Conjunction family.  

Sara SachsFirst, this month on Tuesday, November 17th we have Psychic Medium Sara Sachs of Pittsburgh for the fourth year in a row.  Everyone is invited to join us for this online evening of messages from Spirit.  Those who join us may receive special messages from departed loved ones.  Those of you who have attended Sara’s Victorian Flower Seances in previous years know just how gifted Sara is and how amazing the experience can be.  You can sign-up using this link:

Our next event is especially unique and is a two-part workshop being facilitated by our friend Victoria Price.  The first part of the workshop entitled “A Box Full of Darkness: Reconcile & Release 2020 (Part 1)”.  The goal of the first part of this workshop is to help us better understand and reconcile our feelings and attitudes about the epic year of 2020.  The second part of Victoria’s workshop, “Everything Is Waiting For You: Welcome A New Year with Intention (Part 2)” is about taking a new approach to a new year by affirming our intentions and learning simple daily practices that will allow us to continue moving toward the light and living wholly and with love.

JohnVictoriaJoeThe dates for this two-part workshop are Tuesday, December 7th from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm and Tuesday, January 19th also from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  Sign-up for both of Victoria Price’s workshops for only $32.

Let’s plan to make 2021 just what our new president-elect suggests, a time to heal.  Let’s begin to heal each other, our nation, and our planet.  And I’ll continue to heal my spine.  Together we can live in hope and in love.

Please remember to stay safe and wear your masks.  I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!