With the pandemic, we’ve all certainly had to make some major adjustments in our lives.  And we continue to do so.  One of the things we at Great Conjunction are doing is moving to a more virtual setting.Rachel Hollander fill 227x300

What does that boil down to?  We, too have had to adjust how we can all get together and learn from one another.  We decided to jump on the “online bandwagon”, as it were.  So, now we’re doing workshops in space.  

I was twelve years old when The Muppet Show premiered (yes, I am dating myself) and all I can hear is that deep voice echoing the title of a recurring muppet skit called “Pigs In Spaaaace”!  And now we need that announcer’s voice for our workshops!

In May we hosted our first online workshop with much success!  Rev. Rachel Hollander’s workshop, “Who Booked This Trip?” was wonderful… thank you again to everyone who joined us and to Rev. Rachel. There were quite a few people who wanted to attend but were unable to do so.  But since we met on camera, we were able to record the entire workshop and we’ll have it posted on our website for anyone who still would like to experience it.

Erin CommendatoreWe’re really excited to continue on the virtual plane.  Our next virtual workshop will be held Tuesday, June 16th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm eastern time.  All you have to do is go to our website and register for the workshop.  This is going to be a fascinating evening learning about “Healing Through Nature” with Erin Commendatore, M.AEd/CN, ERYT.

I’d like share with you a few factors I’m happy about with these virtual workshops.  To begin with, we don’t have the same kind of cost overhead as before in renting space large enough to accommodate attendees and presenters for the workshops.  And that makes a direct savings for you!  We’ve been able to lower the cost of attending these interesting experiences dramatically.  

The second great aspect of these online events is that we can record them.  So after the actual live event is over, we’ll be posting these to our website and anyone who was unable to be with us “live” can still “attend” the workshop to learn from our amazing presenters.

There’s one other factor to these virtual workshops that I’m most excited about:  anyone from any part of the country, and even the world, can attend!  We’ve many friends in other states and in other countries who’ve wanted to participate in Great Conjunction events and now it’s possible.

Ain’t technology amazing?

So, be sure to join us for our monthly virtual workshops, and when you can’t, you can catch ‘em a little later.  

See you in cyberspace!