We’ve all been on a wild ride this year, haven’t we?  Hopefully you’ve all been staying safe and are well.  

DaffWe’ve been staying as safe as possible.  In our household two of us are in the higher risk category; my 81-year-old diabetic father and me.  I was scheduled to have spinal surgery in the middle of April but that’s going to be rescheduled when things are a bit safer.  So, John has been the only one to venture out into the world and do our shopping.  And we’ve taken extra precautions.  

It takes a lot of effort and can be inconvenient, but it’s certainly worth it. 

This has been a trying time for all of us and some folks are having tougher times than others.  Tragically a lot of people have lost a loved one.  Many people are getting a touch of cabin fever while sheltering in place.  Most everyone is, in some way, feeling the financial pinch.  But quarantining can leave a lot of people are feeling isolated and feeling lonely.  While nothing beats the human touch, social media has been able to play an important role in keeping us connected. 

            LittleBlueFlowersThough we’re all struggling in some way, we are all in this together and we need to keep each other safe and healthy.  And never forget that we’re loved.

            When it’s time to “reopen the country”, I just ask that we all do it with patience and caution.  Let us slowly begin to go back to “normal”.  But honestly, I don’t really think that life will be normal – or the way we knew it – ever again.  I think quarantining has had a big impact on us all.  

In the relatively short time we’ve been self-isolating, we’ve been reminded of what’s important… humanity – of how we’re all one, family, togetherness, kindness, patience and love.  I think it’ll be a long time before this lesson is forgotten.  I hope never.

So until we’re together again, literally rather than virtually, stay safe.  Let’s take good care of ourselves and of each other. 

See you soon!