Okay, so it’s not the kind of springtime we’re all used to.  April has arrived but not in the manner we anticipated.

I think it might be an understatement to say that we are currently living in some funky times.  Certainly we’re living in ways we never anticipated.  We’re in the midst of a global pandemic and we’re predominantly housebound.  

DaffLiving through a pandemic of this nature can be scary.  There are precautions we can, and should be taking.  We should all be self-quarantining, practicing social-distancing, washing our hands frequently.  We should be limiting our contact with “the outside world” by going to the store as seldom as possible.  We should even be wiping packages and such containing our food or products we bought online.  If we’re vigilant and use common sense, we should be okay.

A lot of folks these days are having issues being at home so much.  

Generally, most people spend a good deal of their time away from home.  They go to jobs, travel back and forth, go out to lunch or dinner, to a bar, go see a movie, meet with friends or visit family, go shopping and run errands.  We’re all usually away from home a lot.

But not now.  With this pandemic, most of us are home most, if not all of the time.  Some folks are still going to work each day, but many are now working from home.  Some folks aren’t even able to work at all right now.  They’re just home.  And we’re not going out to restaurants and bars, or hanging out with friends.  We’re home.  

During times like these, despite the fact that it’s springtime, it’s easy for our spirits to drop, for our moods to darken.  We can grow bored and frustrated.  We can become impatient and angry.  

So what can we do to counteract the gloom of being housebound?  There are plenty of things we can do!

We can catch up on our favorite shows or watch movies.  Start to getting caught up with our reading list.  We can even take advantage of the situation and do some over-due cleaning or DIY home improvement projects, giving a whole new meaning to Spring Cleaning.

Go online and catch-up with friends.  Do some video chatting and such.  It’s so easy to connect with people anymore.  Take advantage of that.

You can even do some yoga with our very own John Michael Thornton on our YouTube page (I know John’s posting a link to it in this newsletter somewhere).

crocusSince the weather is improving, you can go for walks… not forgetting social distancing, of course.  Weather permitting, get out of the house and experience nature.  Look at all the beautiful flowers popping up everywhere.  Appreciate how wonderful Springtime can be.

But above all, let Spring blossom inside of you.  Don’t let yourself fall prey to the easy-to-fall-into trap of fear and anxiety.  Look to the horizon or, if you prefer, on the bright side.  This shall pass and we will all be able to resume a more normal life soon.  Be optimistic.  Be hopeful.  Spring is all about Hope.  So let’s live that.  Let Hope spring forth!

Let the Springtime be inside you and share it with everyone you can, in whatever way you can.  Let new the beauty grow within you.  

We’ll see you soon!