I’m sure you’re all aware by now that John and I have moved.

Trio of PlantersWe’re finally beginning to setting into our new home. Our move is not yet 100% complete; only little things remain such as tools and the like. But we’re getting things unpacked and removing empty boxes and deciding where things should go. And it’s finally beginning to look like we live here.

The next step is making this “feel” like we live here, to “feel” at home here. Yes, part of that comes with time; familiarity of the space, getting back into routines and such. But other parts of that are on the spiritual, energetic land personal levels.

Sitting AreaWe need to “feel” at home here. We need to infuse our energy, positivity and love into this new place and that’s done with some simple things. We began changing the energy here when we were doing all the remodeling. While priming, I painted Reiki symbols on the walls of each room and then painted over them. Now those symbols are permanently part of the walls. You could feel the energetic shift begin.

Next comes smudging and blessing the house. We both like to use sage but really like to use Palo Santo, or both simultaneously. We’ll smudge and state our intentions for love, happiness and positive energy in the house. We reinforce barriers at windows and doorways to block the entrance of negative energies.

We’ll do a few more energetic practices and then the structure will be ready for us. But for us to truly feel at home here, we need to make adjustments to ourselves.

SeliniteThe first thing is to open our hearts to the space and recognize that it is the next step in our transition through life. Our previous home was never intended as a permanent place, only the beginning. This house is also not our forever home, but the next plateau on the way to where we hope to go and to where the Universe will guide us. We need to accept this space for the opportunities it currently offers plus what it shall open the door to next. And we must have affection and appreciation for this house in the process. We must embrace this space for all the potentials.

We also have to let go. We must remind ourselves that the last house was wonderful but temporary. We must acknowledge that it has launched us in a new direction and has set us on our path. We must acknowledge and be grateful for it and all the joys and sorrows experienced there. We must let it go. We must wish it well and allow it to become a launching pad for someone new. Several families have lived there before us and we are just a link in the chain. We’ll never forget or stop loving that home, but we must set it free to continue its journey; allow a new link to be added.

Dragonfly LampI think that’s the hardest part of a move; letting go of the past, letting go of something well loved. Remembering now all the fun and silly things, of the gardening, playing in the yard, of walking outside and picking delicious berries and of hearing the cluck of chickens. Remembering the feel of the breeze and the sound it made rustling through the trees.

Remembering all this and more makes me feel sad. But it also makes me feel grateful and happy. I feel grateful for the opportunities and for the peace and safety. I feel happy for all the experiences there. Far too many things to mention happened there but the first two to come to mind are that it’s where my husband and I fell in love and became engaged and also Great Conjunction Spiritual Center was born.

It got us on our way. Here we are, ready for a new step in our journey, more growth and a new beginning.

Thank you old house. I love you. Good journey to you.

Hello, new house. Let’s get moving. Let’s see where we can go.