JoeThorntonIt’s March!  And dare I say… time keeps “marching” on!  Yeah, that was a pretty bad pun.  But hey, there’s no charge for the floorshow!

DaffodilsaroundthepeachtreeWell, spring is almost here; it’s just a matter of days away.  I grant you, it doesn’t yet feel like springtime, but it’s coming and with it all the reawakening, freshness and new possibilities.

Because of the odd weather we’ve been having in NE Ohio, for weeks now, the Daffodils in our yard have been sprouting.  Soon the crocus start to appear and the grass will be turning green again.  Trees will begin to leaf and the sun will shine warmer each day.  Nature is coming back from dormancy to share its beauty.  

While each season holds a beauty of its own, I find springtime a fascinating season.  I’m intrigued by the contrast between the old and the new, the life coming back from a seeming death, the colorful against the gray backdrop.  

This time each year, a poem that my mom taught me when I was a kid rings through my mind.  I wanted to share it with you.  I’m sorry, but I don’t know the name or the author.

Spring has sprung

The grass is riz

I wonder where the flowers is

We all know that the flowers are soon to come. And with them, let’s each of us set our hearts to blossom and bloom with them.  Let the springtime fill you with joy and hope.  Allow the kindness, warmth and love inside your heart to spread and flow freely to all those you meet.  

YellowSunFlowerDon’t leave all the color and beauty up to nature.   Spread it around.

I also wanted to “plant a seed” with you about a couple of upcoming events we’re currently organizing for you.  We’re going to have a very special guest speaker in August and they’ll be autographing their books afterward.  We’re also going to be celebrating art in a very special way.  Once all the plans are finalized, we’ll be making the announcement for these events.  We’re excited and can’t wait to share them with you!

Now go out and blossom!


Joe Thornton

Great Conjunction Co-Founder