John Thornton, Great Conjunction Co-Founder

JohnThorntonOver the last few months we have been working on a new project that’s very close to our hearts – Guided meditation and Reiki in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Joe presented this idea to me this past summer and I thought it was a fantastic next step in Great Conjunction’s evolution.
Whether or not it was their decision to move to an assisted living or care facility, many residents start to feel fearful, angry and isolated.  These feelings can be magnified by chronic illness, dementia and depression, but meditation and Reiki can help.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the volume of studies and articles on the positive effects of Reiki on seniors. 

Three specific research studies on the effects of Reiki on residents with dementia consistently showed residents to be less depressed according to pre- and post-scores of the Geriatric Depression Scale. In addition, residents were observed to be less confused, reported less physical pain, and displayed improved social skills and willingness to participate in group activities.
PrayingBuddhaGuided meditation works in harmony with Reiki helping people to focus on the present moment, be more mindful and encourage the practice of non-judgment, acceptance, and kindness.  Meditation reduces stress and helps people feel more in control.
By combining guided meditation, gentle music, and Reiki we hope to provide the spiritual tools that the care facility residents can use every day and the healing energy to help them feel better.
We have our first meeting with an assisted living and care facility next week and we will use this pilot program as the model as we expand this outreach to other facilities and “vulnerable populations”.  We already have volunteers who are excited about expanding this program to Veterans, children and other vulnerable populations while offering subsidized training in Reiki and meditation to facility staff.
prayermandalaYou can help! We are always looking for volunteers to help at our events, this and other outreach programs as well as at our expos.  As this new program grows we will need people with Reiki training as well.  We always need bottled water and healthy snacks for our volunteers.  Additionally, anyone who is not Reiki trained but is interested in volunteering for this program may receive training and attunement at a substantial discount.
Always, your continued support of our lectures and Expos ~ by bring your friends, sharing on social media and just taking the time to show up makes everything Great Conjunction does, and wants to do, possible.
Thank you for your donations and your support; you not only make it all possible, but you are why we do this.  As always, thank you. 
See you soon!