JoeThorntonAs a country, we have all suffered tremendous tragedies lately.  From hurricanes and the devastating loss of homes, properties and lives in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida to the devastating mass shooting in Las Vegas and even smaller moments of hate.
There has also been a rise to hate-crimes in our great country.  In fact, just recently, a kosher bakery in Brooklyn received a vile, disgusting hate letter stating that Jews must be removed from our country, black and gays should burn in Hell and that the “Christian identity” was back. 
To me, this screams of so much fear and misunderstanding.  So much entitlement and fear-mongering by many who are supposed to lead.  It breaks my heart.

We as a society need to do better and be more compassionate.  We need to help our brothers and sisters in these trying times and always.  We need to do something to keep horrible tragedies, like the mass shootings, from happening.  Life is precious and so is peace of mind. 

SunsetTreeMost importantly we need to remember to never allow hatred and fear to take root in our hearts.  It leads to the dark side, if you’ll allow me the Star Wars reference.
And with all this sadness, frustration and fear, we need to heal, as a nation, as communities, as families and as individuals.  To heal, sometimes we need a little help.  In my Reiki practice, I have had clients come to me saying they want to feel less afraid and less stress. 
As a Reiki facilitator, I feel compelled to share positive, loving and healing Reiki energy whenever and wherever I can.  But there are a lot of healing modalities that are available to everyone.
One Tuesday, October 17, as part of our monthly lecture series, Great Conjunction Spiritual Center is presenting an evening with 3rd House Celestial Communications, a group based out of Cleveland whose focus is a form of crystal healing. 
Through whichever modality you find resonates with you, I encourage you to seek assistance in healing and centering and grounding; to feel like your true self. 
And despite the unpleasantness we, as a country, have been experiencing, also don’t forget that life goes on.  We must continue to experience our joys and love at every moment possible.

Joe Thornton, Great Conjunction Co-founder