• Great Conjunction Halloween Psychic Fair in Youngstown

    Great Conjunction Halloween Psychic Fair in Youngstown

    Saturday Oct 13th ~ 10-7 pm & Sunday Oct 14th ~ 10-5 pm~ $5 Admission
    Metroplex Expo Center, 1620 Motor Inn Dr. Youngstown, OH 44420
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FeliciaFelicia is an empath, psychic intuitive, energy healer, Reiki master/teacher and holistic wellness coach with over 20 years of experience. She uses her gifts and training to assist and empower her clients to maneuver gracefully along their life paths.

Felicia is honored to provide intuitive and past life readings and pass along messages from her clients' Spirit Guides and Angels as well as assisting her clients with clarity, peace and direction. Felicia is also an advanced Master energy healer.

The modalities in which Felicia is trained include Reiki, vibrational techniques, aromatherapy and soul clearing.

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With a strong background in the arts, science and writing, Annette Noyes of Emerald Box Turtle approaches her Tarot cards with not only her inner sight Annette Noyes Head Shot 2 smaller filebut also practicality and common sense. She has been proven hiding perceptive information to clients for a number of years. Once the cards are presented to her in a a spread, Ms. Noyes uses a compilation of resources to gain understanding into the message being offered.

Her collection of vintage and modern cards allows the clients of Ms. Noyes to choose a deck that resonates with their personal light. It is her belief that when a client is seeking the wisdom of the Tarot, not only should they choose a deck that speaks to them, they should also tap into their own energies to choose the cards that will best deliver the message meant only for them.

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