• Great Conjunction Spring Psychic Fair in Akron

    Great Conjunction Spring Psychic Fair in Akron

    Saturday May 19th ~ 10-7 pm ~ $5 Admission
    3300 Morewood Rd Fairlawn, OH 44333
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We're excited to announce that Belgian psychic Anita Van Helden will be joining us. She's currently integrating the Violet Flame across the U.S.Violet Flames

The Violet Flame is a energy which corresponds to the high frequency of violet light. Those who have open spiritual sight have seen it as a beautiful violet aura or flame. It is the coalesced spiritual energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation.

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ConnieFieldRev. Connie Field is an ordained minister and evidential medium. Coming from a family of gifted mediums, she began seeing Spirit at age 11 and began her formal studies in the 1980's, which she continues today. She is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY as well as the Inner Spiritual Center in New Jersey.

Rev. Connie loves connecting with Spirit to bring messages of love and the continuity of life. Every message contains evidence of the communicator, so there is no doubt as to who she is speaking with. The messages often contain information known only to the client. Most often it is the one thing that person needs to hear.

Rev. Connie is also a Spiritual Healer, skilled in many healing techniques including Past Life Regression. She has participated in healing services in the Healing Temple in Lily Dale, NY and does private healing in her home, over the phone or distance healings.

As an ordained minister, Re. Connie officiates marriages, memorials, baptisms and dedication ceremonies, each customized t meet the individual's needs.

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Rev. Mary Haeberle graduated from two renowned schools of mediumship and was ordained through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale. Mary also Mary Haeberlegraduated from The Inner Spiritual Center in New Jersey, where she honed her skills in evidential mediumship.

Mary has taken numerous classes to heighten and expand her abilities to connect her clients to their friends and loved ones in sprirt and to help her clients connect with their inner selves.

Mary is known for her compassionate and accurate messages from spirit, which often contain past, present and future information. She offers Private Readings, Reading Parties, Gallery readings and numerous Healing Techniques including Energy Healing, Restructuring/Past Life Regression, NLP and all forms of Mediumship.

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Iris Matos HeadshotIris Matos has always been intuitive, and has followed her instincts in shaping many aspects of her life. In 2009 she began developing her insights in earnest and since then has studied Spiritual and Psychic Development, Animal Communication and a variety of other topics. Currently, Iris specializes in animal communication and healing. 

Her passion is helping people grow in their understanding of the animals in their lives and to make those relationships as fulfilling for both parties as possible. Iris can speak to both animal companions still here and those that have crossed over. She asks that you please bring a photograph of the animal you would like to communicate with.

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