• Great Conjunction Holiday Gifts and Treasures Psychic Fair

    Great Conjunction Holiday Gifts and Treasures Psychic Fair

    Saturday December 2nd ~ 10-7 pm ~ $5 Admission 3300 Morewood Rd Fairlawn, OH 44333
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Aura1What colors are your aura showing? Find out with Donna Dugan.

After 15-years of studying metaphysics, Donna has expanded her skills with color and aura photography. Aura photography is bio feedback of your energy that shows itself as color.

We couldn't be more thrilled to have The Artful Cricket back with us and just in time for the holiday gift-giving season!Artful Cricket Ad

Cricket, of The Artful Cricket, has been using all-natural, hand-mixed henna for body art for 17-years. Recently she's expanded her love of henna art to encompass permanent mediums on useful objects. And all this just in time for the holidays!

Artful Cricket 3The most beautiful gifts will be available including henna-style hand-ornamented tree ornaments, mugs and touchstones. You can also pick-up a gift certificate for a loved one to get a henna tattoo as well as get a henna tattoo of your own at the expo!Artful Cricket 5

***On a personal note, we have a set of the henna-style hand-ornamented tree ornaments and they are absolutely gorgeous on our tree. And we love giving them as gifts. So unique and special! You'll love them, too. (Be sure to click the photos to enlarge them for a better view.)

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Indigo Harmony 2Indigo Harmony Hoops are sometimes Dream Catchers and sometimes hoops of branches that are wrapped in leather and adorned with feathers and Indigo Harmony 2gemstones. These hoops come together while their assembler, Jean, performs a healing meditation based on accountability, gratitude, love and forgiveness. As she heals, others heal.

Inspiration for the hoops springs from there and, before long, the hoops take on a life of their own, bringing with them information that Jean record for each piece. Each hoop has a back story explaining its purpose for you.

Indigo Harmony 1It is Jean's belief that these hoops come together and attract the individual for whom they are meant.

Most of the feathers that adorn the hoops are naturally felled from the free-roaming peacocks, swans and chickens on Jean's farm.

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Local artist Alauna Redfern will be sharing her amazing creations just in time for the gift-giving season!Alauna Redfern 1

Alauna will be bringing her hand built stoneware pottery as well as her original photography greeting cards as well as water colors.

Alauna began working with stoneware clay several years ago and quickly became fascinated with the process. Each clump of clay takes on a life of it's own as it is hand shaped, molded, fired and glazed. Her specialty is using organic items from nature to leave an imprint in the clay or create the shape itself.

All glazes are food safe and her pieces can be used as baking dishes in an oven or used for reheating in a microwave. 

Find the perfect gift for that special someone and even for yourself!

ConnieFieldConstance Field is an ordained Spiritual Minister and Evidential Medium. Her formal studies started in the 1980's and she is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY as well as the Inner Spiritual Center in NJ.

Constance is also a Spiritual Healer skilled in many different healing techniques, including Past Life Regression.

Constance will also be doing conducting a gallery reading as well as offering private sessions.