Great Conjunction Psychic Fairs bring together the best of the metaphysical community with proven and tested readers, quality vendors and inspiring lectures.

Great Conjunction Psychic Fairs

Polly NewA Clairvoyant since birth, Polly comes by her qualifications naturally. Her individual consultations are refreshingly realistic and unconventional in their format. People continually benefit from her unique talents.

Through her warm response and profound visionary insight, Polly presents information that can inspire and enrich the lives of many.

She has been reading for over 45-years and has appeared on radio and television.  Polly has also assisted police on two murder investigations.

During readings, Polly acts as a medium for you and your loved ones and can give you messages or information that they have for you. She can help you with business discisions, love and money decisions and can also pick up on past lives.

You can also pick up a copy of Polly's book titled "Our Loved Ones Are Around Us".

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