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with Drake Bear StephenDrake Bear Stephen

The soul, when not in human form, is a being of light and energy. it has no gender and no sexual orientation. Ender and sexual identities are constructs of incarnation created for learning purposes. The question, then, is why did each of us choose our specific gender and sexual orientation for this lifetime?

Gender and sexual identity are the bedrocks upon which we buyild our self-concept and the lenses through which we view the world. This lecture will coverer:

  • How gender and sexual identites are created and how they change throughout one lifetime or over multiple lifetimes.
  • Introduction of hte Energy Body and a guided meditation to get details about your Energy Body.
  • The story of Drake Bear Stephen's life as a Four Spirit.

Drake draws on years of research adn personal experience to share fresh perspectiveson gender and sexual identity, including biological, sociological, psychological and spiritual influences. Fluidity is the new identity of the 21st century. Acceptance is the new morality. Self-empowerment is the new mantra.

Attend this lecture to get the chance to win a free copy of Drake's new book "Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Gender & Sexuality".

with Sara SachsSara Sachs portrait Dec 1 2011

Giving flowers with messages from Spirit as done in the Victorian Era.

with Felicia WeinsteinFelicia

Learn how to tell if you’re psychic, give a message and how to develop those gifts.

with Suzie ThomsonSuzie Thomson

Aura photography shows the colors of your aura and shows your chakra activity in real time. The colors have different meanings in different positions, including what energy is coming into your life soon. Find out about his and more.

with Rev. Ramona CarrollRamona Carroll

Through Native American techniques, join me on a journey to truly connect to as one making you whole. the Native Americans believes that all was connected. through this lecture let me guide you through a meditation that will connect you mind, body, and soul using all of your senses.

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