Great Conjunction Psychic Fairs bring together the best of the metaphysical community with proven and tested readers, quality vendors and inspiring lectures.

JMT TLW Web smallAll-natural Reiki-infused & Blessed candles.

Each Clear Spirit candle begins with a blend of all-natural waxes (no paraffin). At the heart of every candle is a unique fragrance that has been lovingly created and layered by blending essential oils to give you the depth, complexity, richness and spiritual intention you deserve.

Close attention has been paid to the spiritual properties of each essential oil.

Every unique candle is hand-poured with special care and an open and loving heart.

During the blending and pouring processes, each Clear Spirit candle is Reiki-infused by Lit Wick's creator, J. M. Tkalec, RMT, PRMT.

In addition to creating amazing candles, J. M. teaches both traditional Usui Reiki as well as Practical Reiki plus he offers a variety of types of energy therapy sessions and is an Intuitive Life Coach.

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The Ladyhawke Collection has a wonderful array of pendulums, crystals, smudge pots & fans, white sage, witch balls, Wildberry incense and so much more!

Be sure to stop by and pick-up what you've been searching for or that special gift.

"Midway between Heaven and Earth."Midway Metaphysical

Bonnie and Burton of Midway Metaphysical offer the finest in Oracle and Tarot cards, gem stones, lotions, teas and so much more!

A one-stop shop for your metaphysical needs. And now they're at Great Conjunction!

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Kathleen CalbyWe are very excited to have Re-Sounding Joy return to Great Conjunction and bring their singing bowls to the Akron expo!

Re-Sounding Joy is about experiencing sound as beauty and the bliss we have forgotten that is always available.

Kathleen Calby, founder of Re-Sounding Joy, held a secret for more than thirty years. Then a spiritual teacher inquired about the "tones" that Kathleen had heard since childhood. The teacher encouraged her to listen. Kathleen began a ten-year journey of listening and workig with sound instruments and teachers. During that time period the sounds changed from high-pithed linear ones to being beel-like and spherical in shape ~ the sound of singing bowls. Kathleen then began to present publicly and has continued to work consciously with sound, She invites you to make some new discoveries with singing bowls.

Based in Cleveland, Re-Sounding Joy offers the finest in Singing bowls and Tingshas. They will also be offering CDs.

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Ever wonder what your auru looks like?  Here's your opportunity.Suzie Thomson

Not only will you get to see a photo of your aura but you'll receive a printout explaining what you're seeing and what it all means.

Suzie Thomson is gifted at interpreting auras and sharing her intuitive gifts with her clients.

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