Great Conjunction Psychic Fairs bring together the best of the metaphysical community with proven and tested readers, quality vendors and inspiring lectures.

Work, family and personal obligations can become overwhelming. This causes misalignment in your energy field. Our methods help your body return to it's3rd House natural state of balance by using energy and vibration to bring about deep relaxation that allows your energy field to self-repair.

The women of 3rd House Celestial Communications will use their intuition, their attunements and their crystals to help you feel more like the real you again.  The power of their sessions is phenomenal.

Be sure to treat yourself well and allow 3rd House to share their gifts with you.

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Rian DeanEmpathic Healings will offer half-hour Access Consciousness Bars, Access Body Processes and Access Consciousness Energetic FAcelift intro sessions.  They will also offer information about their Empathic Empowerment Training Workshop series.

Be sure to stop by for a session and experience the difference with Empathic Healings.

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