Great Conjunction Psychic Fairs bring together the best of the metaphysical community with proven and tested readers, quality vendors and inspiring lectures.

Sara Sachs will be offering mediumship readings, calling on theSara Sachs portrait Dec 1 2011

spirits of loved ones on the other side for healing and messages.

Experience the amazing and powerful abilities of Sara Sachs, a Lily Dale trained medium and resident of Pittsburgh.

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PollyA Clairvoyant since birth, Polly comes by her qualifications naturally. Her individual consultations are refreshingly realistic and unconventional in their format. People continually benefit from her unique talents.

Through her warm response and profound visionary insight, Polly presents information that can inspire and enrich the lives of many.

During readings, Polly acts as a medium for you and your loved ones and can give you messages or information that they have for you. She can help you with business discisions, love and money decisions and can also pick up on past lives.

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Nancy Nicholas has empowered national and international clients to understand their life and experiences from a spiritual point of view. She is empathic, Nancy Nicholasclairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient, as well as a Reiki Master. She uses her intuitive gifts along with her professional training as a Life/Career/Spiritual Coach to offer a unique blend of spiritual insight and energetic balancing with practical coaching strategies to empower you to nurture yourself, grow your gifts and live your life purpose. As part of her work, she has also learned to work with nature and earth energies, crystals, Angels, and other Divine Guides to enhance spiritual growth and personal insight.

Nancy is the author of "Soul Friends Guide to Surviving the Pit: A Step-by-Step Guide for Surviving and Thriving Through Tough life Change" and "Mother Earth Musings: Nature-Inspired Guidance for Your Day".

Nancy will be offering empowerment readings on a topic of your choice (Life Purpose, Relationship, Health or Other Concern). She works with your Spiritual Support Team of Angels and Spirit Guides to provide guidance and practical tools to inspire and empower you. She will also attune a crystal for you to keep that will allow greater ease in connecting with this Angel or Spirit Guide on your own. Participants will also receive a unique Nature-Realm rock that partners well with the attuned crystal for balance and empowerment.

And don't forget to pick-up your copies of her fascinating and informative books.

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Cynthia TyreeRev. Cynthia is a lifelong intuitive and has provided accurate tarot readings for many years. She has recently worked with Spirit to create a new way to provide insight using a system that she has named an Animal Reflection Reading utilizing Animal Cards and the 12 astrological houses.

Stop by for a card reading.

JMT TLW Web smallAll-natural Reiki-infused & Blessed candles.

Each Clear Spirit candle begins with a blend of all-natural waxes (no paraffin). At the heart of every candle is a unique fragrance that has been lovingly created and layered by blending essential oils to give you the depth, complexity, richness and spiritual intention you deserve.

Close attention has been paid to the spiritual properties of each essential oil.

Every unique candle is hand-poured with special care and an open and loving heart.

During the blending and pouring processes, each Clear Spirit candle is Reiki-infused by Lit Wick's creator, J. M. Tkalec, RMT, PRMT.

In addition to creating amazing candles, J. M. teaches both traditional Usui Reiki as well as Practical Reiki plus he offers a variety of types of energy therapy sessions and is an Intuitive Life Coach.

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