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Indigo Harmony Hoops are sometimes Dream Catchers and sometimes hoops of branches that are wrapped in leather and adorned with feathers andIndigo Harmony 2 Indigo Harmony 2gemstones. These hoops come together while their assembler, Jean, performs a healing meditation based on accountability, gratitude, love and forgiveness. As she heals, others heal.

Inspiration for the hoops springs from there and, before long, the hoops take on a life of their own, bringing with them information that Jean record for each piece. Each hoop has a back story explaining its purpose for you.

Indigo Harmony 1It is Jean's belief that these hoops come together and attract the individual for whom they are meant.

Most of the feathers that adorn the hoops are naturally felled from the free-roaming peacocks, swans and chickens on Jean's farm.

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Aura1Is your Aura ready for its close-up?  Donna Dugan is ready to take the photograph!  And what's more, she'll explain it to you.

Come and have a photo taken of your Aura by a professional and be amazed by the results.  Donna will help you understand what you see in the photo.  What do all the colors mean?  What about the placement? 

The Lit Wick Candle Co., where quality, fragrance, imagination and memories are not only our business but our passion!Candle 2

Since its inception in 2003, The Lit Wick Candle Co. has built a worldwide reputation for high quality candles and fragrances. Every Lit Wick candle is the result of years of research and experimentation as well as a commitment to quality, detail and you.

The personal touch is very important to us. Every candle is specially made with passion and pride. Every candle is hand-poured, every label put on by hand, every brochure folded with care.

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Wondering what your beloved fur-baby is thinking or feeling?  Here's your chance to find out.Iris Matos Headshot  

Iris Matos has always been intuitive and has followed her instincts in shaping many aspects of her life.  She began, in earnest, in 2009 to fine-hone her skills and has since studied spiritual and psychic development, crystals, tarot and astrology.  Her primary focus is on Animal Communication and Healing.  

Bring your well-trained leashed pet to meet Iris... or a photo will do.

With a strong background in the arts, science and writing, Annette Noyes of Emerald Box Turtle approaches her Tarot cards with not only her inner sight Annette Noyes Head Shot 2 smaller filebut also practicality and common sense. She has been proven hiding perceptive information to clients for a number of years. Once the cards are presented to her in a a spread, Ms. Noyes uses a compilation of resources to gain understanding into the message being offered.

Her collection of vintage and modern cards allows the clients of Ms. Noyes to choose a deck that resonates with their personal light. It is her belief that when a client is seeking the wisdom of the Tarot, not only should they choose a deck that speaks to them, they should also tap into their own energies to choose the cards that will best deliver the message meant only for them.

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