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EVEN FLOW ~ With Robert Cisco
Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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In this fundamentals class, perfect for everyone with no experience needed, will explore "EVEN FLOW" - Energy Cultivation, Absorption , Balancing and Cleansing for Healing.  These Advanced Energy Healing Techniques, combined with daily routines and even leisure activities will aid in the the Absorption, Cultivation, Balance, Cleansing and Conservation Energy.


Robert Cisko
Robert Cisko cuSince I was a young child my gifted mother observed various Spiritul / Psychic abilities in me. Over the years, the gifts evolved thru different life experiences of trauma, martial arts, yoga and in nature. My mother influenced me to treat it as a gift to others,and events brought  out what was in need, verbally, energetically and hands on . I am told I am a Chameleon with the energy realms, able to adapt intrinsically. 
During and after traumas of sorts I was able to overcome and heal in rare ways, I even woke up in a morgue after a surgical procedure. 
I teach from experiences more than any certification I earned.
I was blessed with Angels, strangers, instructors etc that confirmed and inspired the journey. 
I am an Elder in the Ojibwa Nation Anishinabe, where I am called 4 Thunders and Walks with Wolves and have become a guide of sorts and friends with  Musicians, Actors, Psychics , Grand masters etc as well.
I try not to use titles for any of my work..I am as I am. However utilize then for teachings and service upon request.
In sessions I combine concepts of Kabballah, Chinese Medicine,  Yoga, Reflexology, Acupressure, Massage ,Hypnotherapy, Relaxation Therapy Natural Nutrition, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, and forms of energy work. I prefer Spiritual influence to work through me, but utilize these concepts mostly to teach.
$20 at the Door
Location Cornelius Studios, 1931 Belmont Ave, Youngstown, OH 44504

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