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How To Read Tarot Cards
Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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This workshop will cover the general meanings of each of the Major Arcana in a traditional Tarot deck, the roles the Court cards play, and the areas in which the Pip cards provide support to the Major Arcana.

This will be suitable for raw beginners and more intermediate readers who are looking for deeper understanding of, or another viewpoint, regarding the Tarot cards.
Ancillary material such as how to tell time with Tarot cards, health indications, numerology and astrology as it pertains to the cards, how they may interact with each other (as in, if The Empress is present in a spread along with the Ace of Wands then a chance for pregnancy is enhanced), and different spreads will also be explored.
Materials: If one is able to have a Tarot deck handy, that would be nice but not necessary. A notepad and pen might be useful for diagramming spreads. Otherwise, one is welcome to simply listen.

Registration is $5.00.    This is an online workshop.Annette Noyes Head Shot 2



With a strong background in the arts, science, and writing, Annette Noyes of Emerald Box Turtle approaches her Tarot cards with not only her inner sight but practicality and common sense. She has been providing perceptive information to clients for a number of years, and once the cards are presented to her in a spread, she uses a compilation of resources to gain understanding into the message being offered. Annette’s collection of vintage and modern cards allows those who ask for an in-person reading to choose a deck that resonates with his or her personal light. In addition to choosing a deck, clients are encouraged to choose their own cards for their reading. It is Ms. Noyes’ belief and experience that when a person is seeking the wisdom of the Tarot, not only should they choose a deck that speaks to them, they should also tap into their own energies to choose the cards that will best deliver the message meant only for them.

Ms. Noyes began her career as a professional ballerina and performed before international audiences for more than 13 years. Following her retirement from the stage, she resumed her schooling, graduated with honors, becaming a paralegal. Underlying this eclectic professional life was a keen interest in the Tarot. Her yen for learning encouraged Ms. Noyes to study the Tarot from an academic view point as well as an esoteric one. Therefore, her knowledge of the Tarot is not simply that of intuitive information gathered from the symbols depicted on the cards, but also from the wealth of information she has studied regarding the archetypes of the Trumps, how the energies of certain gemstones are represented in the cards, Feng Shui and the Tarot, animal energies, and herbal lore as it pertains to the cards. All of this information is pulled together in her readings to make them perceptive, relevant, and real. Not one to sugar-coat the truth and wisdom of the Tarot, Ms. Noyes will tell it like she sees it, but she also helps her clients find the way forward. Her intuition is so attuned that she is able to make personal connections with regard to readings over the phone and via email, as well as during face-to-face consultations.

In addition to providing personal readings for her clients, Ms. Noyes also lectures on the history of the Tarot, is a frequent guest on Sacred Journeys Radio (, and donates her time and reading skills at charity fundraising events. Annette also travels to appear at public and private events all across the country. She's a regular reader at the RaSani Fair and Mystical Magical May Faire in Oregon, at numerous events in northeastern Ohio, the Ohio Pawpaw Festival in Albany, Ohio, as well as expos and fairs in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, and California.

To engage her to offer readings at your next private affair or charity function or just for yourself, contact her via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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