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Dream Guidance ~ with Jim Thornton
Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 07:00pm - 09:00pm
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JimThorntonDreams are not only your ‘Magic Mirror’ for opening a window into your inner world, but it is also said that nothing of any consequence happens to an individual wherein it is not first previewed in a dream. Research finds that we typically spend one to one and a half hours per night in REM dream sleep having 6 to 8 dreams. The challenge is (1) remembering, (2) writing them down or recording, and (3) discerning the message and/or insight. We will cover various techniques for remembering and working with your dreams; the different types of dreams; and the meaning of common dream symbols.


Bio: As a YSU student I came in contact with the Edgar Cayce psychic readings and quickly became amazed by the depth and breadth of his readings. I was particularly taken back by the emphasis Cayce put on dreams, especially relative to my own case wherein I had virtually no dream recall. I just did not remember my dreams! It took me a long time to overcome that deficient, but it was worth it to receive ongoing life guidance and precognitive insights.

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