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Empowered 3 Step Intuition Development System ~ with Mary Jane Brigger
Thursday, June 06, 2019, 06:00pm - 09:00pm
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The Way of the Wise Woman

Empowering Ageless Women of Wisdom

Mary Jane Brigger


Empowered Intuition 3 Step Development System

BEcoming Your Intuitive Wise Woman


Women are experiencing a conscious awakening that is intuitively guiding them to seek alternative ways to address their professional, personal and spiritual needs. We become intuitive Wise Women when we seek to know, understand and use the power of our intuition to guide us on an empowered path of wisdom through profound spiritual awareness and guidance.


Empowered Intuition 3 Step Development System teaches you to identify, connect, and align with the powerful energy of your Inner Wise Woman through these 3 Empowered Intuition Development Steps:


  1. Merge - is the key step of spiritually merging with the power of your Inner Wise Woman, your Spirit, through the Lost Mode of Heart Centered Prayer.
  2. Know - as we merge with our Inner Wise Woman through heart centered prayer, we are now open to the power of intuition, our wisdom of inner knowing.
  3. BE - is when we BEcome the prayer, wisdom and inner knowing of our intuitive Wise Woman.


Within this three hour workshop, you will be introduced to the core steps of discovering your Inner Wise Woman through understanding, developing and using your intuition for divine guidance in all aspects of your personal, professional and spiritual life.




All Proceeds From This Event Will Be Donated To Great Conjunction Spiritual Center


Mary Jane BriggerMary Jane Brigger is founder and president of Career Path Success, LLC whose services empower women through bridging higher consciousness to personal and professional success with their newest offering, The Way of the Wise Woman.  Mary Jane is a Sacred Women’s Empowerment and Intuition Development Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Intuitive Wise Woman.

To know more about Mary Jane, go to her website at:

www.CareerPathSuccess.Com or follow her blog at www.  MaryJaneBrigger.Com

Location Cornelius Studios, 1931 Belmont Ave, Youngstown, OH 44504