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Thursday, January 05, 2023, 07:00pm - 08:30pm
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Ideal whether you’re experienced with meditation or a novice!

CrystalBowlIt’s the holiday season and life can get hectic.  Especially in times like these, it’s wonderful to sit and re-focus on self-care, being centered and present. We need to keep ourselves and our energies strong and release our stress.  How can we keep giving of ourselves when our energy is dwindling?  Let’s recharge and head into the season with joy.  

Join us for this unique energizing and grounding evening of guided meditation with crystal sound vibrations.

Everything is energy and everything has a vibration. Sound has a vibration and has been used for healing and meditation throughout history.

This meditation will use a quartz crystal bowl tuned to the key of C major vibrating at 440hz and aligned to the base chakra. 

Not only will we dive deep into sound, but we will focus on the healing energies of hematite, a grounding stone great for stress. 


***Requirements: please wear comfy clothes, bring a bottle of water and a hematite stone at least the size of a quarter (can be rough, tumbled, or shaped).  If you do not have a hematite stone, some will be available to borrow.


Facilitator:  Lenore Crabill

Lenore’s love for beautiful stones and crystals began in childhood during family vacations.  Her grandfather, amateur stone cutter, taught her the basics of tumbling stones, as well as facet cutting.

It was during the “new age” craze in the 1980’s that Lenore first experienced the energies of crystals which lead her to working with crystal energies to heal, find peace, manifest as well as educate other about the power that lies within such beauty.

Lenore earned her Advance Crystal Master Certification through HMCA.  During her education she utilized scientific modalities to learn why and how crystals can heal in conjunction with modern medicine.

She recently acquired a level 1 certification and is continuing to advance her education in Sound Healing.


$15 per person


Location Great Conjunction Spiritual Center - 1060 Crandall Ave., Youngstown, OH 44510