By Mary Jane Brigger


Mary Jane BriggerTwo years ago, I experienced my guardian angels in such a profound way that it saved my life...."

I was recuperating from a bad fall that shattered my elbow and required major surgery. Regaining my strength back after the fall and surgery took some time. One day I felt I was strong enough to get out of the house and asked my husband to take me to the library. As we arrived at the library, I told him I was going to the second floor which was accessible by a long flight of stairs.

I went up the flight of stairs and perused the books that were on this floor. I began to feel weak and decided to go down the stairs to find my husband to go home. As I walked to the stairs, I felt all this energy of alarm around me. I kept sensing that I must use the elevator but decided to ignore that feeling for it was quicker going down the stairs.

As I began my descent down the stairs, I felt weak and lightheaded. My left arm was in a cast and sling which left me unable to grab the stair rail which was on the left side. I began to feel like I was floating in air as if in a dream and the stairs began to weave up and down in front of me... I realized that I was going to fall down these steep steps.

Suddenly I felt a Whoosh of air in front of me and I saw a large,white light that surrounded a beautiful Angel in front of me, guiding me down the stairs. I was mesmerized by her beauty as she led me down the steps and I remember feeling so safe and secure within her presence. I felt as if I floated down the stairs with this beautiful Angel while experiencing such a deep sense of love and peace.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs, I felt my foot hit the floor as I stepped off the stairs which brought me back to reality and then my  beautiful Angel disappeared. I stood there dazed and realized that no one had seen what I had just experienced. I then walked over to a chair to process that I had almost fallen down the stairs which would of definitely killed me. I was still feeling this deep sense of peace and love my Angel had surrounded me with when I began my descent down the stairs despite what had just happened to me.

For several weeks this beautiful Guardian Angel of mine stayed visible to me. She glowed in a beautiful white light and told me that she was one of a group of angels who surrounds me at all times and they call themselves Bliss. This loving angel told me that when she realized that I was about to fall down the steps, that Whoosh of air I felt was her jumping in front of me. By focusing on her Beauty of Light, it kept me from passing out and guided me down the steps. I remember feeling there was no time and space, only Peace, Love and Light.

Since then, I see and talk with my Angels of Bliss  every day, for I now know they never leave me and are always there for me. And they have gifted me to help others know that their guardian angels are always with them.

Mary Jane Brigger is a Reiki Master/ Teacher and Angel Intuitive. She is founder of  Soul Care Experience  and the new Brigger Center for Reiki Education. Mary Jane provides personal one on one  Angel Reiki at The Healing Cottage in West Salem, Ohio.


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